Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Viva Las Vegas 14: Saturday and Sunday

I feel like I'm slacking in my blogging duties since I returned from Vegas. I've been tortured with allergies and started my new job, so I am behind on posting and commenting. I apologize!!

Saturday was car show day so we slept in a bit and took our time getting ready. I was in a bit of a bind because I had washed my hair before going to bed and slept on it wet. I don't know what possessed me!! I basically had to start from scratch so I rewashed it and set it in my Tight Curls. I used my Hawleywoods Grooming Spray and was quite pleased with the results!

With Oscar. You can't see but I'm wearing my new Harajuku Lovers Wedges. They were really comfy!

With Kim. I love her dress!
Here with Kim you get a better look at my hair. Usually with hot rollers the curls are really loose and don't hold for anything, but they held really well this time.

With Ashley, ie: Doris Mayday

The car show was huge this year! Part of it was just for the vendors, about 3 rows. I was hoping to see Elvira, as she was signing autographs there, but somehow I missed her. The whole reason we went to the car show though was so we could see Jerry Lee Lewis. He was really good! His piano playing is still really strong, even though he's in his 80's. I didn't care for his opening band though, especially because they ate into about 30 minutes of his set.

After the car show we rested for a bit, then changed into our evening clothes. I was supposed to wear my poufy black prom dress, but I decided against it. I wore my black and pink wiggle dress instead.

All of a sudden I'm taller than e!

We made our way up to the ballroom and I ran into Ashley again. This time we made sure to take pictures!

I also ran into Tara from DC Metro Retro and her husband again. They are so nice and I'm glad I got to meet them!!

I love Tara's dress!!! I know she was worried about clothes but every time I saw her she looked amazing!

Saturday was an odd night for me. I felt great and just wanted to dance, but I never really did. I felt like we spent the whole time wandering back and forth between all the rooms, which got really tiring because 2 are upstairs and 2 are downstairs. It got really frustrating and I wound up going to bed around 2AM.

Sunday I woke up sick, sick, sick!! I think the pizza I ate was bad. I lazed around in bed for most of the morning, finally feeling ok enough to get ready. I put on my Rose Marie Reid playsuit and we attempted to go to the pool party. Even though the pool party was all 3 days all the main events are still on sunday, so the line to get in was insane! It was also really windy. We decided to just drink mimosas at the bar instead.

This was the 'boot' this year. Filling it with a mimosa took almost a full bottle of champagne. It sure did help me feel better though!

While drinking our giant mimosa we ran into Pachuco Jose and his bag of pesos (his joke). We chatted with him about his band and his car. He showed us a picture of it and its amazing!

I don't know why he's holding scissors.

After that we met up with Oscar's family. They had driven in for the night to do some gambling. We ate about 20 appetizers at TJI Fridays, and then I ran to catch a band. I had promised my friend Fernando that I would go see his band that was playing at 6 in the Pub. It was a bad time slot, coinciding with the Jive contest, and he was worried that no one would be there to watch. He had no need to worry though because it was packed!

I saw them about a year ago in Albuquerque and they are really good! I keep telling them to please come to Denver and play a show!!

I ran into Dollie there and we chatted for a bit, then headed up to catch the jive contest. We got there right as it was starting.

The jive contest.

Watching the contest with Dollie and the SLC girls.

I have to say that I did not enjoy the contest this year. Not because of the dancers, mind you, because they were all amazing! I guess that Sophia Wolfe was not there this year to host and her absence was noticeable. She always does an amazing job of getting the crowd going and keeping the energy up. She also makes them dance about 20 dances. This contest was over in about 10 minutes and they danced only about 5 songs. There just wasn't any excitement, and there should've been would all the great dancers out there! Also, I really wish that Tom Ingram would allow for some better prizes. $200 for the winners does not seem like enough, especially when the winner of the bathing suit contest got a $4000 Gretsch guitar. I do think that getting some decent sponsors for the jive contest wouldn't be too hard, and it would make the contest more worth entering. Its a huge event every year and the dancers (usually) have to dance so much that they deserve to win a really good prize. And hopefully Sophia Wolfe will be back next year to host!

After the contest I went back to the room and needed to take a nap. I wasn't feeling very good again so I rested for a while before getting ready. I was in no mood to dress up so I just wore pants.


My late night outfit. Vintage rayon pants and thrifted Hawaiian shirt. Its purple!!

Oscar's amazing vintage shirt that I saved with Oxy Clean. I keep telling him to not eat in his vintage clothes but he never listens to me!!

Sunday night was a lot of standing around. We stood in the hallway talking to friends and drinking. We managed to get some bracelets for Oscars sister and brother in law so they come see some of the bands. I was hoping to dance a lot that night but it never really happened. The music just wasn't working for me. I had the most fun hanging out with friends, but eventually I just had a headache and wanted to go to bed, which I did around 4.

Oscar and I dancing to the one and only Ruth Brown song played all weekend.

This picture pretty much sums up the weekend for me.

The Good and the Bad: A Summary

I will start with the good:
One of the highlights for me this year was getting to meet fellow bloggers and followers! It was so nice to meet you all in person! Dollie, Tara, Tasha, Ashley, Kim, The Vintage Housewife, Gloria, Danielle, and all the others I know I am forgetting, really made my weekend great! Thank you all for all the kind words, it really means a lot to me! I met most of you in the bathroom, of all places, so thank you for saying hi!

The other highlight, which is the same every year, was getting to see all my friends. Even though a lot of them did not make it this year (Tara, Tina, Seth, Emma) I still got to see a lot of people I don't get to see very often. Thats always the best part of Viva. I do hope, though, that next year my OG's make it back. I need my girls (and Seth)!!

Now the bad:

To summarize, this Viva was just ok for me. Viva has gotten really, really big which I enjoy, but it can make for some annoying problems. The biggest for me is that there are now 4 rooms of music. At the Gold Coast there was only 2, so if you weren't feeling one you'd just go to the other. Also, when a band was playing in one room, a DJ was playing in the other. This meant that if all you wanted to do was dance you could just follow the DJs. Now, I just never quite know where to go! It also means that its hard to find where your friends are, so you spend some time searching for them. Also, some really good bands had time slots that overlapped other things: Roy Rapid overlapped the jive contest, and The Rhythm Shakers overlapped Jerry Lee, which meant I missed some of the best bands.

Now the really bad:

My biggest complaint this year was the music. Not from the bands; from the DJs. I would really like to know when R&B went out of style? I would also like to know when they stopped playing jivers? I realize that as a DJ you get sick of playing the same shit, but there is a reason why they are called 'killers'. They are songs that will guarantee a packed dance floor. Usually the motto is (jokingly) "all killers, no fillers" but I felt this year it was "all fillers, no killers". I heard Little Richard once and my favorite song, Little Lil, once, both during the Jive contest. I heard Ruth Brown once. I never heard any Doo Wop or jump blues. I heard that damned Elvis song from Viva Las Vegas about 10 times, and that Pulp Fiction song about 5. Besides that I heard a ton of 60s garage, strollers and boppers. This is shit!!! I do not go to Viva to stroll and bop. I really only do that so that I can keep moving. I go to Jive, and when the DJ's refuse to play them I get really annoyed. Also,  I don't get why they would switch to strolls when the dance floor is full of people jiving to the one and only jive song they played in the past hour. This was really frustrating to me and a big reason why I went to bed so early most nights. I'm sure that the music improved passed 4 am, but I shouldn't have to stand around for 5 hours to hear a good jiver. Its ok to play some killer shit at 11. People will dance! Don't wait until the late night record hop to play jivers, and then only play random 60s garage "jivers"! The music should be a good mix: R&B, hillbilly, R&R, Doo Wop, garage, etc. Play all of it! I can safely say that I barely heard any black music all weekend, and for me (and a lot of people I know) that is just unacceptable!! I truly hope that this trend changes next year, cuz I don't think I can handle going to Viva every year just to stand around.

End rant.

So there you have it. That was my Viva 14 experience. Some of it was good, and some of it was just ok. It was not as great as last year, which is fine because even a bad time at Viva is still a good time. I will go again next year, and we already have our room reserved. I just hope that they remember to bring their R&B records next time!! 


  1. It was such a JOY to finally meet you (and Oscar too)! You looked even more beautiful in person and you were just the nicest gal! I was sad not to meet other bloggers but hopefully next year we can do a proper meet up! All we need to do a is select a time and place and make it happen!

    This being my first Viva, I was amazed at the number of people and at how huge the venue was! The number of bands and events was nuts too! It was fun but it was hard trying to get it all in in just four days! The husband loved the car show and the Saturday pool party the most. He danced with me on Friday and Saturday but then pooped out on me after an hour. He wanted to chill at the Piano bar with a scotch!

    Friday night, my Stuart Weitzman platforms gave out and when I got back to the DC area, I realized why: the left shoe sole is almost snapped in half! The shoe is still intact but if I wear them again, I can see my shoe giving out entirely and just breaking! lol! I have worn them a lot and they are 6 years old so unless I can get them repaired again, they are done!

    Saturday night was shopping night and a little bit of dancing. We went back to the Palazzo/Venetian around 1 am and got some drinks at the bar and went to bed.

    I would definitely do Viva again but I would like to go with a group and stay at the Orleans. Getting a cab back and forth from the Strip was time-consuming and expensive after a few days!

    The husband has clients in Denver and I think we are definitely going to do the Denver Modernism show in August! It looks super fun and any reason to go to Colorado (my favorite place) is good for me!

    Nevertheless, I loved meeting you and I hope to meet you again soon!

  2. I agree with what you say about the DJs...I didn't hear Little Lil' all weekend! I did get to dance to Ruth Brown and there were way more jivers late at night, especially Sunday night.

  3. Have really enjoyed reading all your viva posts as usual! Great outfits and hair. Shame that you, and other bloggers felt something was missing this year and hopefully they won't let the event become too big for itself....

  4. Great photos!! Also, welcome to my blogosphere. I rarely blog.. I'm terribly lately, I mostly update my Tumblr , but I've been slowly working on my Vegas recap :P

  5. Holly I'm with you on your criticism of the event. This year's Viva was a big sack of "meh" for me. I felt (as you mentioned on Tasha's blog) that I was "waiting for something to happen" all weekend. Aside from Friday night, I never really quite achieved that dancey/drinky/shoppy/new friends/rock&roll Viva bliss that I have in past years. It felt like no matter where I was, I wasn't in the right place at the right time. Admittedly, I had some things going on at home that could have been distracting me from all the fun, but Viva 2011 never quite gelled for me. But I've already booked my hotel room for next year so I have high hopes...

  6. Great coverage and a fun weekend!!! Glad to finally discover your blog.

  7. I wasn't there, obviously, but I know I would have agreed fully with your music rant. We very much like the same music. That sucks!!!!! All killers, no fillers. Word! I hate waiting until 4am to hear my favorite songs.

    Hopefully the OG's will be together again next year!

  8. I feel like this should have been my best VLV ever but for some reason I just can't seem to say that. I mean, my band got to play, I held sugarballs upside down on stage,and Dollie spanked him for his bday...what else could I want?! That was all awesome, but this year the in between time didn't seem as great. Ah well, I guess my streak of "best Viva ever" had to end at some point. I still had a great time,and am already booked for next year.

    Mainly I wanted to comment on your music complaints. I've noticed the 60s garage rock is really "in" now. It's always been there at Viva, but around L.A. and now Viva it seems to have exploded. I even noticed it at the cd vendors, more garage cds. My case and point is our Saturday headliner, The Caezars. I kept thinking I was watching Johnny Rotten! They were simply an electric bass away from being a garage punk band. Very similar to that band 'The Hives' who were out a few years back. I wish my band had half their energy, those guys really brought it. But I kept thinking that they really just don't fit. Trying to not sound music snobby, but that style is not what I want at a rockabilly weekender. Touchy subject though as some of that music is undeniably great i.e. Gene Vincent's "Bird doggin" which was written in 66(?)I believe.

  9. Zack-My best Viva ever wasnt even Viva. It was the first US Rave. For some reason that was just such a great weekend! As for Viva's--Its hard to say which one was the best. By now they start to blend. I've had good and bad years, but usually I'm dancing too much to notice the bad. Without the dancing this year I noticed it more. I just hope they mix it up more next year. I need to Jive!!

    As for the Caezars-I only saw about 2 songs of theirs so I don't want to judge them based on that. They remind me of early Rolling Stones, which is just ok to me. I liked their energy and I like that people are excited about them, but I need to fully see them to say for certain what I think. Rockabilly for me means a lot of things and a lot of different music styles, and theres room for them all. But when the DJ's aren't playing black music--thats when they lose me. Thats the stuff I love more than anything, and when its not there I feel really frustrated. I like other music as well, but they are still playing those. I want my R&B dammit!!!

    On a good note I heard a little rumor that the Extraordinairs are reuniting and will be playing next year. Soooooo excited for that!!

  10. DC Tara-Definitely stay at the Orleans!! It makes such a difference. A tip-request a low level floor. All the higher ones get packed and the elevator takes forever!!

    Hopefully you guys come to the Mod Show!! Last years was really great and I'm looking forward to it again. Oh, and take the Arapahoe Acres home tour. You will not regret it!!

  11. Gabriella-I had one night of craziness. Not nearly enough!!

    OG Tara-Part of why my Viva sucked was because none of my OG's were there! It was like I forgot to pack my dance shoes or something...

  12. It was great that we got to hang out for a little while on Sunday. I remember when they played Little Lil and we were both like: Finally! But bummed that we couldn't dance to it because it was in the middle of the contest. Too funny. I agree with you rant, and have my own coming.


  13. Fun pics, Holly! I can't say that I agree w/ your rant because let's face it, when you have kids with you, ANY DJ time is fun time! ;-) I enjoyed the bits of dj'ing I heard but I definitely would have missed the R & B if I'd been able to stay long enough to notice the omission.
    I did my coverage for Vintage Life and I was happy to report the improvements in crowd management that I noticed. I also felt the shopping was better this year (but had no money). The music we caught was all great and Deke really stepped up impressively. So my coverage was mostly positive. I do feel that the event is improving (taking the crowds into consideration) but there are a few things I miss as well.

  14. Oh, and I wish SO BADLY that I had caught some of you ladies at the Car Show for photos. :(

  15. Jewlover-i do agree that they have improved on some things. Getting my bracelet was easy and no line. There are more bar's upstairs which mean's less lines as well. I thought the car show was more organized too. In fact, I think that for the size of the event its pretty well organized, but there will always be lines with that many people. The bands I heard were great, which is why I was so frustrated with the DJ's. I just wanted to jive more, but I felt like they were pulling away from that. I really hope this changes or i'm gonna get fat fast! Without dancing i'm really lazy! Lol

  16. I am planning to learn some basic jiving before I come back next year. I have never wanted to learn anything so badly in my life! The baby w/ us meant no dancing this year...but I did get to stroll w/ my friend in the back of the Bienville room a coupe of times. ;-)

    I got Jive footage this year...frankly I think my video footage makes it look more energized than it was. haha

  17. your not alone.I have slacked on my blog too.Just the thought of posting the photos that take ages I just couldnt get into posted about mine hair is so cute.I re washed mine friday I think and then was having issues with my curls and my rolls.The car show was great.I also wanted to see Elvira ad missed it.but we went out there super late.maybe 30 min before jerry came on.would have been cool to get a pic with her.I agree the jive contest was to short.didnt expect that at all.It was so crowded in there but i manage to see some of it.i'm to short and was trying to see over big the pool party.:( I dont know if saw any fellow bloggers.Hope next year to finally meet everyone I blog with.

  18. Great photos! Nice to meet you in the bathroom Friday night ;)

  19. Have loved reading your whole viva post!! Been looking forward to it. You always have great pictures too so we get to see all your lovely outfits :D
    Glad you had fun, just wish i was better at saving to come out to VLV from the UK and experience it for myself but i'm very bad at saving, always finding some little gems to to spend money on instead :S xx

  20. Hey lady, I saw those lovely Harajuku Lovers shoes on your previous post and really want to buy them. Since I am in the UK I can't get the size wrong. What do yours fit like? Did you go with your usual size or bigger like the feedback on Amazon?

    Love reading your posts! x

  21. Miss Holy ...It was very nice to meet you!!! And you are so stinkin' adorable! Your curls looked great at the car show!

    My favorite thing was meetin' fellow bloggers as bad luck was i wore a new vintage pair of shoes that killed my feet @ the car show...making my outfit choices for the weekend to change for comfort...crap!!! =0(

    I agree Viva was very very big...I couldn't make it to half the bands i wanted to see...I too missed the two ballrooms at the Gold Coast it was easy to pop from room to room!!!
    Loved your viva posts!

  22. Lady of the Parlour-I think when I got them they were only available in full sizes. I wear a 5 1/2 so I got a 6. I was a little worried they wouldn't fit but they actually fit really well! So I would say if you are a half size go up and you will be fine. They are really solid shoes, but are quite comfortable. I love them and want more!!!

  23. The Vintage Housewife-It was so great to meet you too! I had the most fun meeting fellow bloggers and followers this year. Its always a positive experience and one that really makes my day!! And I hear ya about the shoes! I have had some shoe horror stories in the past!!


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