Sunday, May 1, 2011

Viva Las Vegas 14: Friday

Day 2

Friday I woke up in a great mood with no hangover! I don't remember the last time I felt good at Viva, so I was determined to make it an all nighter.I think the trick is that I drank nothing but rum and coke. Usually I drink whatever is at hand, but I decided to stick to the same thing and I think it helped.

E and I decided to head down to the pool, since the weather was perfect. I had set my hair before going to bed and did faux bangs. I wore my vintage two piece bathing suit that features a faux Lei (my favorite) and my Miss L Fire's, which I got tons of compliments on. They really are the perfect shoes!
Me and e.

With e, Lisa, and Patrick. Lisa's bathing suit was stunning!!!

I'm ready for my hair to be long again.

The fabulous Dollie hanging in the hot tub.

Oscar met me at the pool and e took off to go see a band. We ventured up to the vendors where I bought some Hawleywood's Grooming Spray, which I will do a proper revue on later. We ate lunch and then napped for a while in the room. It was already late so we got ready to head to the ballroom.

Friday, in my opinion, is the night to really do it up. Everyone has arrived for the most part and are excited to party. Also, no one is super hungover yet (give or take) and can still manage to look really good. So I donned my Va-Va-Voom dress and Oscar wore his deadstock Hollywood jacket.

I got this dress at the last US Rave. Its very boobalicious!! Oscar got his Hollywood at the Rhythm Rocker. It used to be owned by Larry David, which I think is why he bought it. He's such a Seinfeld dork!!

It was wiggle dress night. With Lisa and Teresa.

Oscar with his friends Bud, Zack and his girlfriend Rachel. She looked beautiful and she made me laugh all weekend!!

Around 2 we went back to the room so I could change. Oscar wound up going to bed (thanks to Makers Mark), so me, e and Oran went to the Bienville room to get our dance on. Around 4 they kicked us out, sending us downstairs to the Big Easy. As first I was pissed that we had to shuffle around so much, but it turned out to be a great time. Here's the photographic evidence:

(FYI-I "borrowed" some of these pictures from my friends. Carrying a camera when I'm dancing is a big fat no!!)

With Oran and e. Drunk.

With Bridget. Drunker.

With Natalie, Bridget, e and Oran. Very, very drunk.

Friday night was great! I danced my butt off and had a fabulous time. I never got a boot (or oversized coke bottle, as they appeared to be this year), but I got an orange plastic Tiki mug that I filled with rum and coke all weekend. It certainly looked better than the Starbucks cup I carried around on thursday.

The DJ's ended at 6 to loud boo's and yelling; most of it from me. Whats with this 6am bullshit??!! I could've gone til 7 at least. All the past years went to at least 7, so this was something I didn't like about this year. Once I cooled off we grabbed a quick breakfast at Fuddruckers before going to bed. My diet was definitely out the window!


  1. your swimsuit is amazing and you look stunning in every photo even your drunk photos =)

  2. Damn. Now I'm really sad I didn't go to Viva! You guys all looked fabulous (and drunk) and like you had a great (drunken!) time! haha. Love the green wiggle dress, you look great in it. Next year I hope to join the shenanigans!

  3. wow.your hair looks great.and I love your two piece swimsuit and that dress is breath taking.I think friday was a blast as well.My feet were so swollen after 1am as soon as my husband was done playing I hauled my but to the room to put my flats photos.

  4. Love the clothes ... Love the hair :)

    Looks like it was a BLAST!!! Obviously, a completely different "Vegas experience" compared to my weekend there. Next year I'm definitely going!!

  5. Great post, fun pictures! Killer dress on Friday, wish I saw it in person!

    Your hair looked fantastic too. I had hair meltdown on Friday and just threw in the towel for the weekend. Ho hum.

  6. I love that first photo of you and E. It's a good one! I was hoping I would run into you more. Hope you had fun!

  7. I love your Viva posts.

    You look so stunning in your vavoooom dress!


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