Sunday, May 8, 2011

Soul Night & Derby Day--In Pictures

Soul Night

With my lovely Cakes


Justin and his, ahem, martini.


Derby Day


My coolie hat and a mint julep

Our derby outfits. I need to get better pictures of this dress. Its from the 30s and is simply amazing!!!


Here are some better pictures of my dress. Oscar bought it for me the last time we were in Albuquerque. Its a sheer material with lots of great detailing all over the dress. Its also in perfect condition, which is rare for vintage clothes. Usually theres something wrong somewhere!

Sheer pink material.

Cute buttons and gathered pockets.

More pockets and belt.

Gathered back and button sleeves.

I love this dress. I may be a 50s gal, for the most part, but how could I pass up this beauty??


  1. "Cakes" looks like she could be your sister!

    Love the hats and the spirit of Derby day. Awesome :-)

  2. SUCH a gorgeous dress, and I adore that hat :)
    You look stunning!

  3. that dress is pretty.and the color looks great with you hair.

  4. What a gorgeous dress, it looks great on you!!

  5. You look fabulous!!! Adore that dress! Scarlett x

  6. That one fella in the feathered hat looks like an old friend of mine I haven't seen in AGES... any chance his name is Brandon?


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