Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Mascara Review-Maybelline One By One

I wanted to review Maybelline One By One Mascara for you guys.

It retails for about $7. Maybelline claims that this mascara will give you clump free volume.

This is the photo on their website:

I hate how mascara adds always show girls with fake lashes. Do they think we're that stupid???

Here's a picture of the brush.

Anyways, I've been using this mascara for a while and I'm pretty impressed with it. I don't think its as dramatic as Maybelline's Falsies or Lash Blast. Its a bit more natural looking, which is great for everyday use. What I really like about it is that is never clumps. Ever!

Heres some pics of me wearing it:

I would recommend this mascara. Its really easy to use and you never have to worry about clumps. It also doesn't flake. For evening looks I tend to use the other mascaras mentioned above, for day looks this one is great!


  1. Oh I might have to try that. My problem is all the mascara has a big fat brush and I smudge everywhere. Rimmel has one that is more like a comb and I am a pro at that one. I would love to see makeup adds that show you how the product works. Not how it works after being applied to false lashes and photo shopping!

  2. I think that mascara looks really nice on you! I hate the use of false lashes in ads, like you said we're not that stupid! I'd be way more likely to buy a mascara if they showed a more realistic image of their ACTUAL mascara in use!

  3. I also hate the way ads use fake eyelashes to "prove" how well a mascara works! Talk about false advertising!

    That mascara looks fabulous on you! I currently use MAC Opulash. Most mascara brands disappear on me or they cause 'raccoon eyes.' The only mascara that worked on me without fail was Cover Girl's Marathon mascara. Sadly, they discontinued it a few years ago! Anyway, I should give this mascara a try! It looks awesome!

  4. I'll join in with that too, I HATE it that they use false eyelashes when advertising mascara! I don't know what your advertising laws are in the US but now in the UK (admittedly in small print) they have to put that they are false lashes or the more commonly used phrase - 'enhanced in post production'!!

    Anyway I digress thanks for the review on a cost effective product, I'll look at it next time I go to the shops!

  5. Yep, I hate the false advertising too! And also for hair dye.....oh yeah Eva Longoria-Parker, of course you use a cheap, boxed hair dye from the chemist! NOT!I digress.....
    Good review, I am sooooo looking forward to some US drugstore bargains - we have this mascara in the UK, but its £9 ($15) here - DOUBLE the price!

  6. I hated that mascara! I tried it a few weeks back and it just did not work for me. I tried it for a couple days, and finally asked if my mom wanted it and she said no that she didn't like it. My sister took it and loves it! So, who knows! I guess it just depends on your eyelashes!? lol

  7. On your recommendation, I bought this mascara. I tried it today and really like it - the brush seems to be the key to the no clumping! Thanks for the tip. Love your blog!


  8. Tara-I think all makeup is like that. I love MAC but some people it makes them break out. The good thing with mascara is that its pretty cheap and you have to buy it pretty often anyways!

    Samantha-I'm glad you liked it!!

  9. I also love this mascara!

    BTW I tagged you in the Lovely Blog Award post I just made

  10. I know I'm a bit late here, but I just tried this mascara, and I think I love it! At first, after putting on the first coat, I wasn't sure because it went on so light and thin. But as I added coats, it got darker and more dramatic, and amazingly very few clumps! I had to put on four coats before I got the drama I like (my lashes are blondish and skimpy) but with a lot of other mascaras more coats=major clumps. Not with this one!

  11. I like this result :)
    I must buy this mascara ;)

  12. Great review, you are right, the picture from the website looks very unnatural, and misleading. Like the fact that it won't clump. Thanks for the tips.


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