Friday, April 29, 2011

Viva Las Vegas 14: Wednesday and Thursday

So I feel like I might be recovered enough to post something about Viva. I've been rather sick since returning and haven't felt up to writing anything, but am slowly feeling better. Now I just think I have allergies. Yay!

This may sound funny but I wasn't feeling very excited in the week leading up to Viva. I don't really know why, but I had no motivation to pack or anything. Also, with Jean in from France we spent every day out and about so I felt tired and a bit unprepared. I finally took a day off to stay at home and get ready. That helped but I was still feeling a little down.

Wednesday-Wild Pre-Show

We flew out on Wednesday and had a drink at the airport and one on the plane. That helped get me excited! Once we checked in at the Orleans we went to TJI Fridays and ate our first of many meals there. Had a drink there and then another at the Alligator bar. It was still early and we decided that maybe, even though we hadn't planned on it, we would head over to the Wild Pre Show. The only problem was that we had no idea where it was. I finally ran into someone from Denver that had a flier so we hopped in a cab and headed over.

Now the reason we weren't going to go to the Wild show was primarily money. A $25 cab ride each way, $20 each to get in the venue, and money for drinks, meant we'd be spending a good chunk to see bands that Oscar has seen for years in LA. Also, we couldn't find the bar! It was on Fremont street and we wandered around collecting lost rockabilly people searching for the venue. Finally, though, we found it. Once we walked in we were greeted by this:

It looked worse in person! The girl bartenders had to wear pasties and panties and I felt so uncomfortable for them!! Why would you work somewhere that requires you dress like this?!

Anyways, the show was pretty good and it was packed! We saw Dustyn Chance and the Allnighters, Santos, and Omar. What I really liked was the DJ! It was Caveman Leo and he was playing all the killer shit!! (If I would've known that his DJ set was to be the best of the whole weekend I would've danced more, but I'll explain that more later.) I ran into my friends Patrick and Maya and hung out with them for a bit. Patrick is one of the funniest people I know and some of my most hilarious memories of Viva and the Rave are with him. We were reminiscing a bit and joking about the scantily clad bartenders.

With Patrick and Maya. I'm wearing my airplane outfit. Maya had some amazing rhinestone bangles on, so I am now inspired to start collecting them. Damn you Maya!!!

With Jean and Yara

I also got to see Kim and chat with her for a bit. Every time I hang out with her I like her more and more!!! I of course didn't take a picture though. I think we went back to the hotel around 2am. I rolled my hair, put my earplugs in, and passed out.

Thursday-Day 1

E and the rest of the SF crew arrived around 11. I had just woken up so I wrapped my hair, threw on my Freddies over my sleepy shirt, and met them at check in. I didn't even have on any makeup! I didn't care though cuz I needed coffee. The funny thing is that I got some compliments! We ran into Dollie and she got a picture of it so maybe she will post it for me. I felt like poop next to her, because she looked adorable in her yellow playsuit and I still has sleep in my eyes. Lol!

Thursday was a weird day for me. It was a lot of wandering around waiting for something to happen. I ate at TJI Fridays again, got my wrist band, sat at the bar drinking, bought supplies from the liquor store, and basically just waited. I got ready and of course didn't take and pictures of my early evening outfit. Sad, too, because its one of my favorite dresses I own. Here's a pic of it from a previous year:

Vintage animal print halter with rhinestones. It doesn't get much more perfect than that!

We went to the ballroom around 8 or 9 and waited some more. We wandered around the vendors, which were so packed I felt completely overwhelmed! I ran into Ashley from Lisa Freemont Pages and her adorable baby girl Ruby. Ashley is the sweetest girl and I give her major credit for bringing her kids with her. Thats commitment!!! I also saw Dollie again who was on a shopping frenzy! I didn't buy anything (yet) but I did get the chance to look around a bit.

Pachuco Jose y los Diamantes were going on at 10 and I was excited to see them perform. Oscar's been friends with Jose for years and I had talked to him a bit about how happy he was to finally be on the main stage, so I was looking forward to his set. He went on with a larger band than usual and it was really cool! They do Mexican cumbias and they rocked that ballroom! Everyone was dancing and really enjoying the music. Its totally different than most of the other bands at Viva and thats why I love it. They get up there and really put on a show and, whether you understand Spanish or not, the music makes your feet move.

Basically, that was the highlight of thursday night for me. I changed after that into my green Kamehameha dress so that I could dance the night away, but that didn't happen. I swear to God all I heard were boppers and strollers!! I jived maybe once. I knew that this would probably change after a certain time but I was so frustrated that I just went to bed. I think that was around 2:30.

With e and Natasha. FYI-that is not coffee in that cup!

Well thats it for now. I will have the rest of my Viva recap up soon. I promise!!


  1. Ugh, what gross, nasty man though it would be soooo hot to have bartenders in panties and pasties?

  2. *Those poor bartenders*
    Although I suppose if they didn't like the idea, they would not do it.

    You look STUNNING in your pics, I love all your outfits!

    Looks as though you had a blast!

  3. I have been going through the same thing since getting back.I got back tuesday.I call it the vegas bubble.I think I have lived in mh pajams and not left the couch since getting back.And sleeping blogged once during the week and today.I think the vegas bubble finally popped bar was me and hubby's your photos.your hair is so pretty.xx

  4. The only positive thing about the bartender outfits is at least they kept cool in so little clothing!

  5. cool post - can't wait to see the rest. That bar "outfit" is hideous!!

  6. You looked super cute Friday night. That dress was wonderful. It had just the right touch of sparkle. Pachuco Jose was AMAZING. He was so gracious and stayed around for a while after taking pics with fans.


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