Sunday, March 6, 2011

Temperamental Broad's Guide to Viva Las Vegas-The Clothes

Instead of telling you what to wear, I'm just going to show you some options. At the end of the day though wear clothes that you like and that you feel comfortable in. Whether you prefer 30s, 40s, repro, jeans, or modern...the most important thing is that you have a good time. Don't feel the need to try and 'fit in' because anything goes at Viva. There is no right or wrong so do what feels right for you. These are things that I like and that are pretty popular there, but by no means is this a dress code. I just want to offer up some ideas and options :-)

Now onto the clothes!!

For casual-ish daytime go for playsuits or sun dresses:

The best are playsuits and sundresses in one:

With some comfy wedges:

For early evening go for something fancier like a mermaid dress:

Also, Hawaiian dresses are always popular.

With some lucite springolators:

And a lucite purse:

For late evening dancing, change into something comfortable, yet cute. I like sarong dresses or cotton sundresses:

Also change into some wedges you can dance in:

For the car show wear something cute and comfy like shorts and a halter top:

Espadrilles are always cute:

For the Tiki Pool Party wear an amazing vintage bathing suit:

Some carved wedges would look nice too:

Here are some other great options for the weekend:

Pake mu:

40s platforms:
 Poufy prom dresses:

Wiggle and cocktail dresses:

Circle skirts:

Lurex and cigarette pants:

And don't forget--


Flower hair clips:


And undegarments:

Ta-da!! Thats basically my Viva wardrobe in a nutshell. Hopefully this helps those of you that are new to Viva. And if you aren't going...WHY AREN"T YOU GOING??????

No really, why?



  1. I LOVE the pink coctail dress! Wish you a wonderful week

  2. Argh! Thanks for posting those remix shoes with a bow on that I have just fallen in love with - and that are $162 = eek! :S
    Great post, lovely outfit day I will make it to Viva!

  3. I'm not going this year, so it has been really hard reading all the VLV posts! But it is for a very good cause since I am pregnant (which is translating to very tired and annoyed that my clothes are not fitting as well as they used to).

    Saving money will be nice, although we are really going to miss everyone that weekend since it feels like most of our friends are going.

    I can't wait to see all the pictures that everyone posts after the fact though... I will have to live through it vicariously this year!

  4. I loved reading this! I wrote all of my clothing posts for VLV, but I have not posted them, and we talk about the same cloting options. Fun! I love those espadrilles- where are they from?

  5. Dolly Cool Clare-I love them too but can never afford them. I need some new wedges but it will have to wait til I have some money coming in.

    Nicole-Congrats on the baby!! One of my best friends is pregnant too and cant go, and my other best friend hasnt been able to go since having her twins. My other best friend is in Japan and isnt going either, so this will be the first year that I won't have any of my girls! Its gonna be weird...

    Dollie-I can't wait to read them! You and I have similar tastes so it will be interesting to read your take. And those espadrilles arent for sale anymore :-( I like em too!

  6. GREAT post, Holly! I bought a vintage swimsuit the other day on Etsy and I cannot wait to get it! I have a gold lurex repro suit from Esther Williams so those two will have to do. I decided that I have some good clothing as it is and I am going to save my money for the vendors! I am making a clothing list now so I can bring what I need and yet not overpack! I am annoyed the airlines have made packing diffcult! All those fees! If I could I would bring my entire closet! I hope to see you there!

  7. WAH! I really want to go. My BF doesnt.... STUPID! I want to buy a pair of remix shoes. personally which ones are the most comfortable for you to wear? I need a cute pair of work shoes that aren't flats and so I am looking for something !!

  8. Tara-Thats why I try to only fly Southwest. You get 2 free checked bags and that makes it so much easier!

    Brook-I only have 1 pair of Remix wedges but I really want the white ones I have pictured above. They come in black too and I think those would be great for work!

  9. Gads, could you picture anymore drool-worthy clothes? You make me want to buy them all!!! (if only!) That's it. I'm going to my sewing machine and am going to sew, sew, sew. Thanks for the inspiration, gal of good taste!

  10. Have fun! I wish I could be there but, alas, I am far too poor!
    -Andi x

  11. I'm going...with KIDS no less! I would love to meet you! Send me an email at my website just in case I forget to check this post for your response. I will buy you a boot! ;-)

  12. Uglybeat-I wish I could sew. There are so many things I'd make!

    Andi-I'm sure its rather expensive to fly from Australia. I have a couple Ausie friends that go, but they live in England. I'm sure thats expensive too!

    Jewlover2-I know some people that bring their kids. At they least you're still going!! I want to meet you too! I'll email you.

  13. holly, i envy your separates,,,
    I have so few separates...mostly when I'm breastfeeding I have very little to wear! :(

  14. I really hope that some time i the future I will experience this!!! But it is a looong way from Norway... wiah you a great weekend!!!


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