Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Red, White and Blue Tiki Pool Party

Lisa at My High Heeled Darling just informed me that our crew is having a red, white, and blue theme at the pool party at Viva. Since I am broke and can't afford anything new I have to pull from my current wardrobe. Immediately I start to form an outfit in my head:

This bathing suit I got a while back...

One of these sailor hats, I'm not sure which one...

These bakelite bangles, including my brand new blue one :-)

Red accessories...

And of course, espadrilles.

Not sure if thats really a red, white and blue outfit (aside from the blue bakelite and possibly the hat) but I think it'll do. She also told me to bring vintage PJ's. That might be tough. I do have some silk 40s ones but I dont know that I have the guts to walk around in them. Silk is rather unforgiving.

At least though I have one outfit planned out!



  1. That is one of the most beautiful swimsuits I have ever seen. You are going to knock them dead!

  2. You are going to look super cute in that outfit, man I wish I was going now I'm seeing all these posts about it. Still haven't been since it's been at the Orleans :o(

  3. OMG I love the bathing suit. I think I need to copy that or make something like it. So cute!!!
    I have also nominated you for a blogger award. Link here:
    Please share 7 things about yourself, that we didn't already know.

  4. Fun! I am wearing red, but not red white and blue. Its actually red, tan and black. ha ha. That sure is late notice though, as I had my pool party outfit picked out since last viva when I bought it. he he he

    You will look fab! Cant wait to see you!


  5. Really cute, should look smashing! I haven't even started thinking about outfits. Ugh!

  6. I love this suit but its not as forgiving as my Shaheen. Its stretchy so hopefully I will feel ok in it.

    Bea-Thanks for the award!! I will make sure I go and take a look.

    Dollie-I know! Totally last minute! lol Luckily I already had it though. I have a really cute bikini too that I might wear on another day.

  7. yay!!!!! I'm going red & white!! And my suit is freaking its time for me to tone up abit! Can't wait to see you chicken!

    And the PJ party happens at like 4 am when we all need chocolate you'd better wear em with me! xx

  8. Love your swim suit!! Have fun!


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