Friday, March 4, 2011

A Night on the Town

 Denver is in the midst of restaurant week right now. This means that 2 people can get a good meal for $52.80 (plus drinks of course). Last year we went to 5 or 6 of them but this year we just wanted to go to one place: The Palace Arms at the Brown Palace. Its nearly impossible to get reservations there doing restaurant week so this year we were really lucky. The food and service was AMAZING!!! The hotel is stunning. It was a great evening.

My hair. I attempted faux bangs earlier and achieved them, which I'm very happy about. I didnt use enough product though so they got messy and I took them down.

My outfit. This is a really amazing 40s gabardine skirt with cute pockets on the butt which I of course didnt take pictures of.

After dinner in front of the Art Deco mural inside the Brown Palace.

The interior of the hotel. Its quite amazing!

Best dinner ever!!!


  1. Great look, Holly! That purple top and 40s skirt are both gorgeous on you! Your lipstick shade is pretty! I adore your jacket and shoes too!

    I LOVE the Brown Palace!The Palace Arms makes THE best martinis ever! I also love the Victorian decor and the fact the Brown still does afternoon tea on Sundays. You can also bring Pachuca! I stayed there twice and each time was magical. The hotel has its own water supplied from its own artesian well and has never been closed a single day since its opening in 1892!

  2. I am really loving purple lately, and you look so adorable!!

  3. That looks like a lovely place to dine! I also love your outfit!

  4. You need to wear more purple - it looks so pretty on you! and it is my favorite color!!! Amy

  5. I love purple lately too. That and yellow for some reason.

    Tara-I've never satyed at the Brown Palace but I really want to. Its a gorgeous hotel!!

  6. Husband and I stayed there the night of my 20 year reunion. The rooms and especially the bathrooms are AMAZING! I actually used to work there after high school. Well, I worked at the Comfort Inn across the street which the Brown owns, but many meetings were at the Brown and each time I've been there it awes me. Have you ever been there for afternoon tea? DIVINE!

    Love the pics! You looked GREAT!

  7. Wow, looks like an amazing place, I can see why you wanted to go! Love your outfit, you two look so cute. :)

  8. Purple does look good on you! I have a question though... what brand are the shoes? Love them!


  9. Silencer-Never been there for tea. If it were afternoon coffee I'd be there though! lol

    Anon-The shoes are by Nine West from like 2 years ago. I got them on Ebay. I love Ebay...


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