Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Latest Purchases

Just thought I'd share some recent jewelry purchases:

I won these clip in earrings for $2. I didn't have any purple earrings so these will come in handy.

Bakelite and etc. earrings $9

 And the last thing I got is the best! I found it hidden in a display case at an antique store:

Its a blue/green carved bakelite bangle.

Isn't it pretty?? The best part is that it was only $16!! There was a yellow one with it for the same price but it had a huge crack in it. I'm just glad I got this one!

Now I have 2 blue bakelite bangles :-)


  1. Ooh nice! Is that what they consider 'end of day' pieces? Great selection of earrings!

  2. Lovely finds! I especially like the blue/green "end of day" bangle!

  3. Great finds! I love those earrings! So cute!

  4. such great finds amor.esepecially the cute earrings.


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