Monday, March 21, 2011

Holy Cow!!!

I stumbled across some Viva Las Vegas tickets being sold on Ebay and HOLY COW!!!! The price is outrageous!!!

10 bids with 3 days left

7 bids with 5 days left

23 bids with 3 days left

When the tickets were for sale on the Viva Las Vegas website they were $95 a piece. I'm seriously shocked that they are going for so much on Ebay! I really do hope that these aren't scams and that the buyers do get real tickets. Hopefully, those, these people learn a very important lesson:



  1. wow!! those are some high prices!!

  2. Jeez some people just have too much money! Why didn't they get their tickets early?!

  3. That is crazy! I have seen people get into bidding wars over Mahnolo heels where the winning bid was way higher than the actual shoe price in places like Neiman Marcus and Saks!

    As for Viva tickets, if you go onto VLV's facebook page, you see lots of people asking to buy tickets and where they find them. Lesson: do not wait!

  4. I think the real lesson here is, buy a bunch of Viva tickets when they first go on sale, and then sell them on Ebay. LOL

  5. Just wanted to throw my 2 cents in here. I am a broke ass college student living in SF bay area CA.(notoriously high rent) I recently split with my honey and now have to pay all rent and bills by myself. Before he left I bought a VLV ticket for me and one for my bestie for an xmas gift but unfortunately, she is unable to make it. I started to panic that I had spent $95 in vain when I realized I could sell my extra ticket on ebay. Coincidentally I put it on ebay soon after VLV sold out. I just wanted to recover my costs but to my surprise my auction took off and the price is now doubled what I payed for it. I assure you-I'm not a greedy capitalist tycoon but the extra money will certainly help with my living know, occasionally I like to eat! :)
    I am worried however, that word will get out about the profitability of the ebay auctions for VLV tickets more people will take advantage of the situation leaving less tickets for those of us that bought early and we'll be forced to buy them on ebay at higher prices.

  6. Saturns Shadow-I know quite a few SF residents and fully understand where you are coming from. I have nothing against people trying to make some extra cash, and if someone is willing to spend $500+ for tickets to Viva than so be it. I do worry about scams and fakes though but hopefully that doesnt happen very often. Ebay may cover you for the money but you are still out tickets to Viva! This reminds me though to see what those auctions ended at....


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