Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Devine Poufy-ness

In the midst of all this unemployed, broke bliss, I somehow wound up with an amazing 'new' dress for Viva.

Not the best picture, but it has tons of tulle and sparkles.


I initially bought it to sell as it was rather cheap, but then I accidentally tried it on and, well...

... if it fits you perfectly doesn't that mean you have to keep it???

I think it does.


  1. I hope you'll take pictures of all your lovely viva outfits!!

  2. I think it does too!!! sell it after viva!

  3. Oh i love it1
    What colors are you going to accesorize with? I have a black 80s does 40s dress and i have no idea what colors to wear it with :|

  4. Yep, pretty sure that's the rule! :D

  5. Oh yes, I love this! There is no reason you can't wear it and then sell it. Its already used, so one more wear won't hurt it.


  6. Gloria Alex-Hmmmm... not sure. I think gold or silver will look best. Something shiny to bring out the sparkles. This is definitely an early evening dress.

  7. Ohh, yes, that is definitely the rule I live by, with a little addendum:
    If it fits perfectly, and it's flattering on you, you MUST keep it. That's the rule! If you break that rule the vintage gods might be offended and stop the flow of vintage/thrift/ebay/etc. scores and you don't want that, now do you?
    You could always wear it until you get tired of it (as if) and THEN sell it!

  8. Oh dear...I wish I could buy more cute stuff. I love love love my new freddies of pinewood overalls so maybe I'll just wear them every day. LOL

    I need a vintage swimsuit. I really don't want to buy one that someone else is wearing. Find me one! You obviously have a gift for vintage shopping. :)

  9. Great to see there will be others in tulle! There needs to be fancier dressing early evening!!!
    You will look fabulous!!!

  10. MoMoDeluxe-Thats the thing. I never get sick of the things I really love!

    Jewlover2-I love my Freddies! I think I've worn them everyday this winter. As for bathing suits--they seem so expensive right now!! I'll keep my eye out for a nice one though that won't break the bank.


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