Thursday, March 3, 2011

Blog Award

Bea W at Butterflies and Hurricanes nominated me for a Stylish Blogger Award!!

Thanks Bea! Now I get to share 7 little known facts you guys. I thought I would share some facts about me through the the years.

1-I learned how to swim before I could walk. At least that what my mom says. I lived in our pool growing up, pretending to be a mermaid. I could literally spend all day in the pool. Now that I'm older I really havent been in a pool much. I do hope to have a pool someday though.
2-I was a mean child. I did horrible things to my older sisters. I bit them, threw things at their heads, and was basically just a bully. They got me back over the years though.
3-My first concert was Metallica. In middle school I was a total rocker chick and they were my favorite band. I saw them a couple more times through the years and they were always good. Best concert ever was Kiss though. They were amazing!
4-In high school I was a raver. I stayed out all night dancing and doing things I shouldnt have. I went to raves in LA, Denver, and Phoenix, lying to my mom of course. I had red hair and wore really baggy clothes and I always rocked pig tails. So much so that people called me the pig tail chick. Some of the people I knew during these years are still some of my best friends in the world. It was a great time for me.
5-I was a horrible high school student. I got kicked out of my PE class, failed math and science pretty much every year, and basically just never went. I was in advanced english, history, and art classes though. I won awards for my artwork and writing. I remember writing my first research paper about utopian societies in literature, when everyone else wrote about the OJ Simpson trial. I got the highest grade in the class even though I wrote the paper the day it was due. Because it was advanced english and I wasnt known to be a good student everyone in class, besides my teacher, thought I cheated. I just laughed at that. It really was one of the few things I was good at in high school.
6-I used to want to be an Egyptologist. I was obsessed with Egypt, still am, and I would read anything I could find on the subject. As time went on I also developed an obsession of Meso-American cultures and now it has spread to almost all ancient civilizations. I love history as a whole, but ancient myths, religion and knowledge really intrigues me. If I were rich I would travel to all these amazing places just so I could see them. I desperately want to see the Sphinx and Great Pyramid!!
7-After my high school years I moved on from the raves and got into the goth and gay club scene. Me and my roomate Jarrod would go to the gay club every night it was open. On thursdays at that same club it was goth night and I would go with my friends Chris and Angela. These were all friends from my rave days that I'm still friends with now. I had a lot of fun at these events but it never felt quite right. I was getting into 50s R&B, rockabilly and swing music, but didnt think there was anything going on in Albuquerque. I stumbled upon a rockabilly band while at a goth night. I was dressed in a vinyl ball gown and gloves (it was New Years) and my date, the club promoter, took me across the street to the martini bar. It was there that I discovered the band Bovine. The rest is history!

Me in my art class.

My friends. Affectionately known as 'the freaks.'

Now I get to pass this award along to 7 lovely bloggers. I want to award bloggers that I havent awarded before. Some new ones that you may not know about. These are in no particular order. They are all amazing so go check em out!! And tell em Temperamental Broad sent you :-)


  1. Wow, it's really interesting to read about vintage bloggers lives before their vintage obsessions began. Thanks for sharing.
    BTW I used to be a Rock and Metal-only chick. Maybe a lot of vintage evolution starts there?!?
    And yes Metallica and Kiss are awesome live.

  2. Oh my gosh, you are so sweet, thank you! ♥

    (I used to want to be a Paleontologist. LOL)

  3. Aww!! Thank you!! I loved your high school picture.

  4. LOL My first CD was Metallica...and White Zombie.

    Love all of these tidbits about you! I am obsessed with history too.

  5. Okay now it makes sense as to why I gained some new followers. I enjoyed reading about you.

    I absolutely adore Egypt too. I just wrote a 20 page term paper on Egyptian beauty ideals for my cultural anthropology class last semester. I got to educate all the honor students in my class on ancient hair removal and makeup techniques haha. It was fun looking through all the books!

    I will definitely get around to posting some little known facts about myself. Thanks cupcake!

    -xoxo Mary

  6. I love knowing what everyone was into before all this vintage stuff. I still love metal. That'll never change. My boyfriend thinks I'm crazy because I blast it in the car!


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