Friday, February 4, 2011

You Lose One, You Win One

A week ago I bid on this pretty green jumper and lost.

Yesterday I bid on this pretty red jumper and won.

Both Vintage. Both velvet. Same size. Both sold for around $35.

I guess thats how the vintage universe is supposed to work.


  1. I personally like red much better, so from my point of view you lucked out ;)

  2. At least you got one in the end! I think the red will look fab on you, but I would have loved to own that green one!

  3. ooh nice, I like them both so I guess you did good! And btw my husband would kill for that blue lurex shirt your OH is wearing in the side pics!!

  4. I prefer the red one, so i think you did well!- Happy weekend to you

  5. Great find! I also prefer the red one. Interesting that they sold for the exact same amount!

  6. Hehe, exactly. You have to try and trust that the vintage gods will look after you, don't you!

    btw, I linked to your excellent bakelite post in a round-up I did yesterday. It was such a great write-up I had to share with people who might not have spotted it :)

  7. I like the red one too. I wanted the green one but I do already have a light green one and no red. So now I'm set!

    STM-E's blue lurex is pretty cool! But he's only my BFFOH. lol

    Penny Dreadful-Thanks!! I'm gonna head over to your blog and check it out :-)

  8. Hi, I have dedicated a post to your site in my vintage collection:
    Hope you like.

  9. Vicen-thanks so much! Its really neat that you do posts like that!

    Art Deco Dame-I do too. I'd own and wear them both if I could :-)


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