Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Sadness is Vintage That No Longer Fits

Even though I have been dieting and sometimes working out I have only managed to lose a couple pounds. Weight really does not come off as fast as it used to in my 20's. Now I actually have to work at it. Bleck!

Last night I decided to torture myself and try on potential clothes for Viva. Most of these included items of clothing that have been hanging in my closet for years. A few of my favorites have betrayed me and they refuse to zip up. HOW DARE THEY!!!! The really weird thing is that most of them are too tight in my bust. I have NEVER had this problem before!! NEVER!!

Here are the ones that have proclaimed mutiny on my body. Deserters!!!!

This is one of my favorite dresses. Its sharkskin with rhinestones and a gathered bust. Bitch won't zip!!!

When I bought this cheongsam dress it was too big. A couple years ago it fit perfectly. Now I look like a stuffed sausage. Not a good look, BTW.

Vintage gingham skirt. Theres no way my ass is going to fit in it right now!

Oh Kamehameha, why hast thou foresaken me!!

The thing is that I refuse to face the fact that I'm almost 33 and just deal with it. This just makes me realize that I need to be more consistent with my work outs and continue to eat better. There is no excuse for me to be unhappy with my body because its something that I can fix. So even though these items of clothing have temporarily jumped ship, I will get them back if it kills me!!

So ladies, are there any vintage favorites of yours that have betrayed you too?? And what did you do about it?

PS-Dieting tips are highly appreciated!


  1. All of my vintage favourites have deserted me cos I've gained too much weight! I'm like you though I deny my age too, you think it's hard at 33 to ditch the weight, wait til you're 44 eeek!

  2. Ergh, I hear you. I am 31 and starting to burst out of all my vintage - the thing is, I think I eat pretty sensibly, so the only option left is to exercise, BLAH.

  3. I'm exactly in the same boat as you, at 33 I find it harder to shift the weight like I used to. I too am working towards getting back into some of fab retro/vintage clothes. But I have to say you always look fantastic in your pics.

  4. Ugh..I am having the same issue and pencil skirts are THE WORST to finding that you no longer fit into...I am going to start following www.bodyrock.tv she has some challenging work outs, but they aren't very long, short and intense..hope it works for me! My tip is drink lots of water..and that will always help. You look great though, just saying! :-)

  5. I kept the "I can't possibly part with these" items (which includes my western wear and anything with an Indian print) and ended up selling the rest. I'm not 22 anymore, it's not likely to happen. I need the money at the time of sale too, so off they went to a happier home!

  6. ugh, amen sister! why does aging make it so much harder to do everything fun (like eating delicious food and not worrying about it)? not fair!

  7. I'm definitely trying to drink more water and eat better. I'm a naturally petite person, the smallest in my family, so I really think I just need to tone up. I'm not real active so getting used to working out is tough for me. But if I dont start now its only going to get harder as I get older.

    And thanks for the kind words ladies!!

  8. Im 34 and definitely find it MUCH harder to lose weight than ever before. Im at the stage where a seventies wrap dress is maybe a little too clingy in the wrong places...really don't want to diet though. But I need some sort of plan...just don't know what yet!!

  9. I lost alot of weight before I got pregnant (and trying to lose it all over again) by drinking a ton of water. Like half your body weight in oz. at least. That and cutting your calories will help you lose weight without exercise. Moving more will help it go faster. Pay attention to your portion sizes and count calories if you need to. There are alot of sites out there to calculate how many calories to consume each day to get to your goal weight.

  10. I lost 33 pounds in 2005 at the age of 30. I went from 155 to 122. I am almost 36 and weigh 128. I want to get back to 120-125. I think it's winter making me lazy and want to hibernate!

    I have a black 50s pencil skirt from when I was 122 and it barely fits in my waist! I can zip it up but it's tiiiiiiight! I feel like if I sneeze, my skirt is gonna blast off! I am 5'3 so a one pound gained on an average height gal is like 5 on me! Not good!

    Anyway, I run 5 days a week and lift weights 4 days a week. I eat well and drink water but I tend to "cheat" with cocktails and weekend treats. I know I can get back to my goal weight if I just continue to workout but cut out the martinis, red wine, and cupcakes!

    When I first lost all my weight, I went to my doctor and she taught me this formula for cutting calories: Take your current weight and multiply it by 11. Then take the result and minus it by 500. The end result is how many calories you should eat per day. Also, if you workout, you need to 'put the calories back' so you do not starve yourself! Any diet that goes under 1000 calories is starvation and you can harm yourself and in the long run, losing weight will be impossible.

    Another method of cutting calories is having a 1200 calorie a day diet. This is good for people who are already small (like you)! Eat more protein, eat fiber, and drink tons of water. All of these will help you feel fuller longer!

    If you like eggs, then this will be a good afternoon snack: boil some eggs and let them cool. Hardboiled eggs are best. When the eggs have been completely chilled in the fridge, peel two and remove the yolk. Cut both whites in half and sprinkle with a tiny amount of sea salt and a healthy dash of curry powder. Two egg whites are 34 calories! Add a handful of raw almonds and you have a high protein healthy snack that won't break the calorie bank! Also, eating old-fashioned oatmeal (not quick oats) is amazing for breakfast! One serving of oats (1/2 cup) is only 150 calories! Just add 1/4 cup of sliced strawberries, some cinnamon, and a packet of splenda, and it's only 162.25 calories!

    Lifting weights and doing yoga helps tone and burn fat. I have been doing yoga since 2003 and I love it!

    I am sure you will be back to where you want to be no time! Besides, you look fabulous now!

  11. This should cheer you up: I lost a whole stone (14 lbs) when I started working from home 2 years ago. This is because instead of having to take sandwiches/snacks to keep me going all day in an office - I just have vegetable soup for lunch every day.
    Drinks tons of water - I have lost a couple of pounds the last 3 weeks without trying just by drinking around 4 pints a day - and add stuff to your soup like extra veggies, spinach and oatmeal to make you feel fuller. Honestly - it works!
    Im nearly 33 too BTW ;)

  12. I feel your pain. What I don't understand is why it finally goes to our boobs!
    I just took off my "winter coat", since we have the same DNA maybe this will help you. I exercise during commercials. I stand up and start doing squats, leg kicks you name it. It breaks up the exercise, but I know that I am at least doing something.
    Also, I agree with the others. Eat old fashioned oatmeal for breakfast. It keeps you full and you can't beat the nutritional factor. I cook mine with apples and then eat it with cinnamon and walnuts. Make dinner your smallest meal - a salad or protein and a steamed veggie. If you make small changes like no sugar, no cheese, low fat creamer in your coffee even for two weeks - I bet you will see a difference. Then you can hopefully get those zippers pulled up!


  13. All these tips are great! I use fat free cream in my coffee, reduced fat milk, and when I want something sweet I have been eating either fruit or Special K with strawberries. No soda either, though I cant give up coffee. I think I'm definitely on the right track. It'll just take some time.

    Amy-the good thing is that no one in our family is overweight so I'm confident that I can tone up. Oh, and we're gonna be in Albuquerque this weekend so I wanna see everyone.

  14. I have two closets full of dresses that used to fit me. I just have not been able to lose the weight after baby number two but the sad thing is I have now put on more after this last harsh winter and have been thinking of joining weight watchers again but I am short on both cash and free time. Grr.... I know after trying on my own a few times I need the help and support of groups and weekly weigh ins.

  15. I'm 39 and the same weight I've been since high school. 5'5" and 108--skinny. Part of it is genes, but I also never drink soda and eat really well. Try putting a teensy bit of raw organic vinegar in your drinking water---it staves off hunger. Eat high fiber toast for breakfast---a higher fiber content keeps you fuller longer. When you're putting on makeup, dance around or keep your legs moving. I'm a spaz anyway (always moving) but find ways of moving when you normally would be sedentary. I took up tap dance for fun to stay in shape since I don't exercise as regularly. Hope this helps!

  16. I've put on weight since this time last year and most of my clothes just don't fit right. I look in the mirror and think I look great, so that doesn't bother me, but I bloody well want to keep my clothes! I just happen to hate exercise and healthy food. I know once I start both I will feel better for it (and it will most likely help my anxiety and depression) but finding the energy to start is difficult (as mentioned, I have anxiety and depression and fatigue goes along with depression, unfortunately - I use up all my energy being nervous, etc.) So, uh, I have no tips but I'm in the same boat!
    Andi x

  17. Ok, don't hate me!!! LOL...

    But, my vintage dresses are too big now! If I ever wear them again, I'll need to take them in and that will be pricey, I'm sure.

    There are a few things that have helped me lose weight and keep it off. This is the skinniest I've been since like mid-school! I know, I'm totally the mom at the playground that all the moms are glaring at with flames coming from their eyes. It sucks, but whatever. And I don't even say anything about having twins, because then the hate really comes! Whatever, haters! LOL

    Not working is one of those things. I used to eat all the time at work. People would always brings donuts or other goodies in the morning, and then I'd snack at my desk, then we'd all go to a big lunch, and then I'd come home and have a big dinner to relax. Birthday cakes like everyday, candy at everyone's desk. People were always giving me chocolate for a job well done. I was taking in way more calories than I needed!!!!
    Now at home, I eat sooooo much healthier. I snack on fruit and other healthy things. I also live by protein smoothie shakes. I love them and am totally addicted. They consist of all organic fruit, soy milk, splenda, and a dash of fiber (makes you feel really full). I cut meat out of my diet (never liked it as you know, except chicken). We hardly ever go out to eat, and I try to stay away from fast food (that's hard, I love french fries!). I drink all diet soda, always have.
    When I do go out to eat, I keep aware of portion sizes. I usually eat less than half of what I'm given and take the rest home for another meal later.
    Chasing after two toddlers all day definitely helps with exercise. In fact, I hardly exercise anymore. I do pilates here and there. Sometimes I'll take the jogger stroller and go for a run. All in all, I probably work out twice a week.

    Really, for me, the bottom line is calorie intake and exercise. If you're aware of those two things and work on those, you'll likely lose weight. As soon as I changed my eating habits, the weight literally fell right off.
    Good luck, you can do it!!!! You're still hot no matter what!!!!

  18. Tara-I do hate you!!! lol! I always thought you looked good but last time I saw you I was like 'WTH'?! Youre not supposed to look better after having twins!

    I agree 100% about eating at work. I had a huge snack drawer filled with crap and I would literally eat all day. Not to mention Starbucks, birthdays, and bagel fridays. Plus, sitting down for 8 hours doesnt help either!

    Now that I'm not working I have really changed the way I eat, but I still cheat sometimes. I've been doing the smoothie thing and I love them! Egg whites, reduced fat milk (I should try Soy), fruit as a snack and dessert, salads for dinner. I love the way it all makes me feel because I notice how bad I feel when I eat fast food. The bad thing is that Oscar doesnt. When he's off we tend to go out to eat. I've always been good about portion size, almost always eating only half. But my downfall was always desserts. Now I eat fruit or Special K Red Berries instead of ice cream, which is tough because I live half a block from Liks, the best ice cream parlour in Denver!

    I know that in time it will come off. I really want to just tone up and finally have thighs I dont despise. And even though I love to shop, I dont want to have to do it because I dont fit in my clothes.

  19. Uglybeat-I'd been the same weight since I was about 11 up until a year ago. I literally stopped growing at 11 so my weight was always right around 100-105. There was a couple times that I got really skinny, like below 90, and I hated it! My happy weight is 105. If I can be that and just tone up I'd be really happy!

    Andi B Goode-I think loving what you see in the mirror is the most important thing. Thats why I'm unhappy right now. And I think you look amazing, as all of your followers do!!
    As for being lethargic and depressed--I can totally understand that! My mood is a huge reason why I've never been very active. If I'm feeling down the last thing I want to do is exercise. As I've gotten older this has gotten better. But I still get nervous and stand offish, especially when I go out dancing. Its sad because I really love it and I let my worries get in the way. So I totally get what you are talking about!

  20. Tara (Betty)- I read that same thing about 1200 calories. I'm just not good at counting calories! Although I have become way more aware.

    For everyone-I love how weight is such a consistent factor for all of us. No matter what we look like or what size we are, almost all of us have issues with it. Even though I'm not where I want to be, I still try my hardest to look my best so that I feel good. The funniest part is how when you hear a friend say 'I'm so fat' and you think 'is she crazy?? I would KILL to look like her!' So you say 'no you're not. I'm fat!' and your other friend thinks 'are they crazy! They're gorgeous!' It really puts it in perspective for me. The way I see myself is not how others see me, and vice versa. I bet almost all of us think Christina Hendricks is the hottest woman on TV, yet she's considered 'fat' and plus sized to others. Yet I would KILL to look like her! And when super skinny was in all I could think was how gross Nicole Ritchie and Lindsey Lohan looked and how much better they look now (well, Nicole anyway). I'm not what point I'm trying to make, just that I can see the humor in it all and I hope you all can too! Cuz we all look freakin great!! Lol!

  21. It's so true, the women in Hollywood that are considered "fat" are usually the ones I think are gorgeous! We're all just a bunch of crazies, lol.

    I think lowfat/skim milk is just as good, the only reason I drink soy is because I won free soy milk for two years from this silly online sweepstakes I entered. But I've become fond of the taste of soy milk.
    Also, I've been using these Yoplait smoothies packs lately. http://www.yoplait.com/products/yoplait-smoothie-yogurt They're soooo good. I just add extra frozen fruit, milk, fiber, and sugar (I like it really sweet). DELISH!

  22. I'm obsessed with the Yoplait smoothies!!!!! I have like 10 of them in my freezer!

  23. Oh no! How sad. :( I've gotten rid of things over the year as my body shape has changed, and sometimes I regret it. But I know I haven't changed enough that I'm displeased with my figure (yet), even if I'm displeased I've had to get rid of things. LOL But I'm now at the point where I'm trying to build back up my wardrobe and let me tell you, what a PITA.

    But the reality is that I'm at about the age where my mom started to put on weight, so I'm pretty sure my clock is ticking...! I need to really get serious about exercise soon I think, but I honestly hate it. :P

  24. You look amazing! I do understand what you are going through, I am 36 and I have put on alot of weight over the past 5 years and I am exercising , I belly dance, I teach it part time at the Military Base. But It seem to take longer for the weight to go and over the winter I just pack it on! Just be happy and proud of your self and you will feel better and you will lose more! When I worry I just put more on but when I do things that are fun and I am happy a loose some. I still have along ways to go. But I realize I need to take care of all of me not just the part with the weight scale....

  25. I had to step up my workouts big time because I am 10 years older than you are...and have found out that one can stay the same weight only to have that weight redistributed in new and undesirable ways :-(

  26. WendyB-Yup. I have a layer of fat on my ribs that is definitely new. No fun!


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