Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Ghost of Viva Las Vegas Past: 2003

Denver is covered in snow right now with temperatures dipping down to -9 degrees, so I figured it would be a good time for another Viva post. Why not right?

2003 was the year of Brenda Walsh. My car, not the 90210 character. I had purchased a 1963 Ford Fairlane for $500 from a guy I briefly dated. She was doomed from the start. The brakes gave out at a stop light, she overheated all the time, would only start on occasion, and was cursed with a mysterious electrical problem. Needless to say she was a piece of junk. I loved her just the same and named her Brenda Walsh because of her erratic, bitchy behavior.

Even though I knew it was a bad idea I decided to drive her to Viva. It was not for the 'cool' factor of driving an old car, it was because Seth and I had no other options. We were broke and had not properly made travel plans. Tara was living in San Diego at the time and would be meeting us there. So we decided to take a chance and drive the hoopty 8 hours to Las Vegas.

Me and Brenda.

We decided to caravan with a group of people just in case my car took a shit. There was a 63 Lincoln and a Roadster that my friends were driving, and some other people in more modern cars. The trip was a nightmare, taking over 16 hours due to the fact that the Roadster needed to refuel every hour. By the time we made it to Vegas around 2 pm on thursday I was a stressed out mess!! 

The Roadster and Lincoln with about 6 more hours of driving left.
Even though I was exhausted and stressed from driving 16 hours there was no way I was going to take a nap. I took a shower, made myself pretty and started drinking immediately. I was on a sort of sleep deprived high and used that to my advantage. Even though I had been up for about a day and half at this point I managed to stay up till around 7 am dancing and drinking. It was great!

With E on thursday.

Tara and Seth. I remember Tara being really tan this year.

I ruined these pants washing them. I'm still not over it.

With Adri.

Tara and I made the car show into a girls outing, leaving the boys behind. We put on our hot sarong dresses, got coffee and beer, and flirted with random guys. We were both single(ish) this year and used it to our advantage. We had a ton of fun and there is video out there somewhere.

With George Barris who goosed us. Dirty old man!

I love this dress. My friend Courtney loaned it to me and I begged her to sell it to me but she wouldn't. Its a Shaheen. Sigh.

After the car show we met up with Seth and Ryan for a decent meal at The Olive Garden.

Sunday shopping.

Tara's adorable dress.

My repro 40s Hawaiian set. It has Cranes on it. I still have this but haven't worn it in ages.

Tara's dress was one that I made her buy. I initially wanted it but it didn't fit me. I still love it.

There are so many outfit shots from this year that I don't remember when we wore most of them. I know that Tara almost didnt buy this dress until I talked her into it.

Tara and Seth entered the Jive contest this year and placed third. I don't have any pictures of it though. I know that she has video so maybe she'll post it on her blog (hint, hint).

The drive home from Vegas turned out be rather dramatic. Adam sold his Lincoln at the car show and the Roadster and van went home early. So Eric rented a car and we were going to follow in Brenda. About 2 hours out Brenda died. Her transmission went out completely and she had to be towed to a garage. I cried. We piled all of our stuff into the rental and drove home. There were 7 or 8 people piled into an economy car, along with numerous suitcases
. It was uncomfortable to say the least. 

I never retrieved Brenda. It just wasnt worth how much it would cost. She's probably still retired somewhere in Arizona. She was a bitch but I loved her. 

 Brenda Walsh


  1. The red hair looked great! I drive a 20 year old station wagon so I def know the feeling of loving an old(ish) car with lot's of problems that are a pain

  2. I love seeing you with short bettie bangs and red hair! Too fab! I ADORE the outfits too! Your high-waisted black pants looked amazing! And what a sad tale about your car, "Brenda." I used to drive my parents 83 Ford and it, too, was pure evil. I donated it several years ago. I wonder whatever happened to her. The Ford was a "girl" and her name was "Moonshine." If my car was a person, Moonshine would have been seen living in a trailer and getting in a fight with her boyfriend on "Cops!"

  3. Whaaa haaaaa haaaaaa. I LOVE THIS! This year is very simular to my first viva, 2005. We drove our bitch of a Fairlane ('55), even though we knew better. We carivaned with a hotrod that had to stop every hour, then we got to stateline and broke a ball joint, and had to get it towed in to vegas. We didnt get to Vegas until 6am, and didnt have a hotel room or a car! I was so frazzel that cried, and it put a huge damper on the trip. Long story, but I will share it on my blog one of these days. Also, you had great fashon sense even back then! I love that white bra top, hawaiian tie top, sarongs.....

    I could go on and on!

  4. This was the first year I went to Viva. I wish there had been stuff like Viva here before I got married and had kids. Having adventures like this when you are young is the best. We actually brought our kids that year, and people kept stopping us to take our picture because my 2 year old was so cute.

  5. Brenda was a nice looking car, too bad she was a bitch! lol
    I loved all the outfits in this post and you looked gorgeous.

    Thanks for sharing the story

  6. I seldom leave comments on blog, but I have been to this post which was recommend by my friend, lots of valuable details, thanks again.

  7. Love all the outfit shots, especially the one with those black high waisted pants. The blouse worn with it is super cute too!

  8. Betty2Tone-I loved my red hair too. If I had the patience I'd do it again, but bleaching ou the black is really hard.

    Tara-I miss those black pants! They were velvet and real 40's :-( I think we've all had a car like Brenda that we loved and hated. Now I'm just happy to have a car that starts!

    Dollie-Thats so funny! I was lucky that it happened on the way home so that it didnt mess up my weekend. I had a lot of fun otherwise!

    Kim-I did some crazy stuff those first few years! Good times!

    Vintage Coconut-She was a bitch but I loved her.

    Crafty Doll-I still have that blouse. Its repro and I have a rec Hawaiian one too. I haven't worn them in years!

  9. Hehe, thanks for sharing these pics! I really love your 40s repro set. =D I wish I'd been into this style for longer but, well, there isn't much I can do about it now. ;]
    -Andi x

  10. Wow that brings back a lot of memories! Yes, I was totally tan that year, LOL. I was in San Diego and totally taking advantage of the beach, plus all my friends were really into tanning that year. I was like the tannest person at Viva, LOL!
    I remember Brenda!!! RIP... :(
    Yes, I do have video of the Jive contest. I remember I almost passed out, haha, why do they make us jive like 100 times in a row?!
    I still have all those dresses in your pix! They're all too big now and need to be taken in. If I go to Viva I have a lot of dress maintenance to do!!
    Wasn't that the year we played strip poker with the boys from OC? Good times!!!!

  11. "Strip" poker was the first year I went. I remember cheating and not taking anything off. You're lucky all your dresses are too big. Mine are too small! And you should go!!!!!!!


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