Saturday, February 12, 2011

Estate Sale Treasures

Just thought I'd share some of my recent estate sale finds.

Robot blender $7

Towels $2

Pitcher 50 cents

Electric carving knife $5

Cocktail napkins $1 each

A record stand/night stand $10

Samsonite cosmetics train case $2

Scarves 50 cents each.


  1. Amazing finds! I love the night stand and the scarves. Also, with that electric knife you can do that scene from RHPS!

  2. Wowwwweee! What a lot of cool finds. I especially love the cocktail napkins!

  3. I love collecting cocktail napkins-those are great! Love the pitcher too.

  4. Jeez! fab finds, love the cocktail napkins, nightstand, teatowels, scarves, love it all in fact!

  5. Those towels are super cute!!

  6. What awesome finds, especially loving the samsonite case and night stand.

  7. Wow if I had this much luck in one day I think I WOULD FALL over with excitement!! lol

    Very nice stuff
    The Robot blender is so awsome & those towels are way too cute.
    I don't think I would ever be able to use the cocktail napkins. lol

  8. Great scores!
    That train case is a really awesome score...beautiful color combo, and the fact that it still has it's original tray is pretty cool. I find them once in a while and usually the tray's gone missing. Are you so lucky that you got the original key as well?
    Also, I love the cocktail napkins! so cute!

  9. No key but I was just happy to find one with the tray. We got some goodies today that I will post later. I got mostly kitchen stuff.

  10. Wow, what great finds! Love the kitchen stuff, and particularly the towels and cocktail napkins!

  11. Everything is awesome! I think my favourite are the pot towels ♥
    I can't wait until I come over to the States in May to get my hands on some thrift store/estate sale goodies!

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  13. OMG! You really scored with that train case. It is perfection. I also love that record stand.


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