Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Sadness is Vintage That No Longer Fits

Even though I have been dieting and sometimes working out I have only managed to lose a couple pounds. Weight really does not come off as fast as it used to in my 20's. Now I actually have to work at it. Bleck!

Last night I decided to torture myself and try on potential clothes for Viva. Most of these included items of clothing that have been hanging in my closet for years. A few of my favorites have betrayed me and they refuse to zip up. HOW DARE THEY!!!! The really weird thing is that most of them are too tight in my bust. I have NEVER had this problem before!! NEVER!!

Here are the ones that have proclaimed mutiny on my body. Deserters!!!!

This is one of my favorite dresses. Its sharkskin with rhinestones and a gathered bust. Bitch won't zip!!!

When I bought this cheongsam dress it was too big. A couple years ago it fit perfectly. Now I look like a stuffed sausage. Not a good look, BTW.

Vintage gingham skirt. Theres no way my ass is going to fit in it right now!

Oh Kamehameha, why hast thou foresaken me!!

The thing is that I refuse to face the fact that I'm almost 33 and just deal with it. This just makes me realize that I need to be more consistent with my work outs and continue to eat better. There is no excuse for me to be unhappy with my body because its something that I can fix. So even though these items of clothing have temporarily jumped ship, I will get them back if it kills me!!

So ladies, are there any vintage favorites of yours that have betrayed you too?? And what did you do about it?

PS-Dieting tips are highly appreciated!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

A Night Out

I feel like we haven't gone out in months. Between me losing my job, snow, and super cold weather, we've been hybernating a bit. The weather lately has been really nice so we took advantage of it and went to a show. Here are some pictures from the night.

My new vintage dress. Its by R&K Originals and I love it.

The boys.

With Adri

With one of my besties, Beth.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Bruno Mars

For the record, I LOVE Bruno Mars. I love his voice. I love his style. I love the fact that he used to be an Elvis impersonator. I love the early 60s Jackie Wilson thing he does. And I love his Doo Wop version of Grenade that he did last night on the Grammy's:

Yes, his voice sounds a little strained but I don't care. I just love that he's bringing back the early 60s Doo Wop/Soul thing. I like Janelle Monae too. She's like the female James Brown, literally. I dig it though. I hope they keep it up.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Estate Sale Treasures

Just thought I'd share some of my recent estate sale finds.

Robot blender $7

Towels $2

Pitcher 50 cents

Electric carving knife $5

Cocktail napkins $1 each

A record stand/night stand $10

Samsonite cosmetics train case $2

Scarves 50 cents each.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Temperamental Broad's Guide to Viva Las Vegas: Preparation

Ok, so I know a few other bloggers are doing Viva posts and I've been doing my 'Ghost of Viva' posts, but I had a few requests to do something a bit more thorough. I thought I would give you guys a guide to the event, especially those of you going for the first time. This one will be about preparing for the event. I know when I first went I had no idea what to pack, and no idea what to expect so hopefully this will help.

Booking Your Viva Trip

So you've made the decision to go to Viva. Great! You're probably already thinking about what dresses you're going to take and how you're going to do you're hair... But wait! You need to get there first!

1-Get your room early. The Orleans sells out fast, usually by October, so get your room as early as possible. If you are smart you will just reserve it for the next year when you check out, but make sure to say its for Viva so you get the discount. If you wait too long and the rooms sell out you may still be able to get one though. Look online or call the Orleans to reserve a room without the Viva discount. They usually still have some held for non Viva attendees. You will pay more but at least you will have a room. Theres nothing I hate more than not staying at the event but if you don't mind that there are plenty of other hotels and casinos to stay at. Most of the ones closest to The Orleans sell out early too so, again, get it fast!

2-Get your event tickets early. These sell out too but not as fast so I recommend getting these after you get your room. Sign up for the Viva newsletter and Tom will let everyone know how fast they are selling. You do this by creating a member log in on Vivalasvegas.net. Tickets this year have gone up to $95 (they used to be $60). Also remember that the price for tickets goes up to $110 after 4/8/11. I would say that as long as purchase tickets by March you will be ok, but to be safe try and get them earlier.

3-Book your flight early. Tickets tend to be cheaper the earlier you get them. Flying in on Wednesday is cheaper too, and, if you don't like to torture yourself, book your departure flight for later in the day on Monday. I prefer not go to the airport at 8 am on only 2 hours of sleep, still drunk from the night before. Also, be aware of what airline you fly on and their baggage rules. I try to only fly Southwest so that I won't be charged to check my bags. That money adds up and I don't like to stress about what I can and can't bring. If your flight lands later in the weekend I suggest being as ready as possible on the plane. Have your hair and makeup done so that when you arrive you can just change and go. Also know that depending an when you arrive there may be a long line at check in. And of course, get your bracelet ASAP.

4-If you drive to Viva:get an oil change, put air in your tires, and all that jazz. To save money on gas you can share a car with other people. The good thing about driving is you don't have to worry about what to pack. The bad thing is you can't drink like you can on the plane. At least not legally.

Preparing For The Event

You certainly don't want to go to Viva looking all haggard do you? Make sure that you are ready and that you will look your best.

1-Plan your wardrobe. This is probably the most important, and stressful, thing on this list. No matter what, there will always be someone prettier, skinnier, and better dressed than you and most likely she will be from Japan. Just deal with it. That doesnt mean, though, that you can't look your best. In fact, this is a time when its ok to be a little over the top. That sequined mermaid dress you bought on a whim: perfect for early saturday night. That adorable Hawaiian playsuit that you never have the balls to wear at home: wear it to the car show. Those 4 inch springolators that you can barely walk in, much less dance: great for sitting and watching the Burlesque competition. The goal is to try and stand out in a sea of lookalikes so look your best and walk with confidence. Remember to accessorise your outfits and do hairstyles that compliment. Also, if you wear repro be prepared to see someone else wearing your outfit, so make sure you look better!

Japanese do everything better.

See? Even the guys go for over the top!

2-Diet and exercise. This is a time when we want to look our best so its a good plan to get in shape leading up to the event. Right now I am eating healthy and doing Turbo Jam. My hope to minimize my cellulite and arm fat so I look good in my shorts and bathing suits. Also, since I'm a bit broke at the moment I will have to wear some items that I haven't worn in years, ie: my skinny clothes.  Here's a tip: if you dance as much as I do at Viva, by saturday you will have lost a few pounds and will be able to squeeze into your skinny, skinny clothes. This is when I can wear my 22 inch waist shorts and Kamehameha dress. Any other time of the year, forget it!!

Not sure what this is but I have no intention of working out at Viva.

3-Mend and clean your clothes. I always have a huge stack of clothes that needs to be mended and I always wait until the last minute to do them. However, once I do, I have a bunch of new things to wear to Viva. If you have a complex item make sure to get it professionally done. A hem can make all the difference on how a dress looks on you. Once you know what you are taking make sure to get them cleaned.

4-Get your hair ready. I try to dye my hair about a week before we leave so that I don't have any roots. I also recommend not getting a major haircut right before Viva. You need time to get used to a new style and Viva is no time to be working out the kinks. Only do whats necessary, like trimming your bangs. Otherwise, leave it alone. I also recommend trying out any styles that you may want to wear in Vegas beforehand. That way you don't struggle too bad on them when you get there.

5-Tan. This may sound silly, but tanning is always on my 'to do' list. I use a spray self tanner and focus it on my legs, getting the rest of my body with lighter tanning lotion.The reason why I do this is because being a little tan hides any blemishes you may have. Since I don't like my legs but I do love to wear shorts tanning is a good solution. Don't, however, over tan. You don't want to look orange, just healthy.

Also, this is where most normal girls will get mani/pedis. I, however, am positievely horrible to my nails and there is no hope.

6-Strategically pack. If you fly then you may already know how dangerous it can be on your luggage. For that reason, and the fact that I'm incredibly paranoid, I carry on all my valuables and breakables like Bakelite and lucite.  To save room I store all my flower clips inside my lucite purses. I also tend to put all my dresses in a separate suitcase than my toiletries. Something always opens up during flight and the last thing I need is eye makeup remover all over my Shaheen sarong dress!


Even though Viva is a pretty cheap vacation option, especially if you  book all your stuff in advance, you will still need money for the weekend. I usually use my tax refund or try and save a bit from each paycheck. Obviously this year will be different for me. However, if you know what to expect you can properly use your cash so that you can have a fabulous time on any budget.

1-Taxis. You will need a taxi to and from the airport. If you spot someone in line that appears to be going to the Orleans you can save money by sharing a cab. Plus, you've made a new friend or two. One year Oscar and I shared a cab with the nephew of The Collins Kids, who also played in their band. You never know who you might meet!
If you go anywhere in Vegas you will also need money for taxi's so keep that in mind. Vegas is pretty small so its not that pricey. Some hotels offer free shuttles so use those whenever possible. Also, if you drive to Viva you may still want to cab it, as parking at The Orleans can be a bit tricky.

Waitin for a cab.

2-Room. Remember that The Orleans will charge your credit card for the first night, so if you are rooming with lots of people you may want to get their share up front. The final amount will not charged until you check out. Don't forget about any extras, like room service, that you charged to the room. Also, when you check out go ahead and reserve a room for the next Viva. If you do that they will charge the first night to your card as well.

3-Food. The Orleans has good cheap food options but you may want to get at least a couple decent meals in. There are great restaurants in Vegas so plan to eat out at least once. Otherwise, The Orleans has a Mexican restaurant, a couple steakhouses, and some sea food places. It also has a good food court (Fuddruckers delivers!) and room service for those really hungover afternoons. There is a Baskin Robbins (yum) and a coffee shop, which for me is a necessity as I can't do anything without coffee. For a quick snack there is a the gift shop and for a really cheap meal there are $1 hot dogs. For those late night cravings TGI Fridays has happy hour every night and decent mixed drinks. And for those 6am "the ballrooms are closed and I'm really drunk so I need to eat something before passing out" cravings theres a 24 hour cafe. Take note though: the food is awful so you will probably only want to eat here when you are really drunk. Oh, and if at all possible, stay away from the eggs.

Beer and hot dogs. The breakfast of champions!

4-Alcohol. For those of us that drink this can be a pretty big expense so it helps to be smart about it. We always buy a ton of liquor to keep in our room to save time and money because the drinks at the event can be pricey and the lines long. Security will stop you if you have a cooler so unless you sneak it in use your ice bucket, tub or sink. Make sure to remember the bottle opener! A flask will be helpful, or just get a bottle of cola or OJ and mix it with alcohol and you can carry it around that way. You used to be able to buy a case of beer and take it into the event but now they won't let you. However, you can carry each individual beer in, as many as you can hold. Why they have this stupid rule is beyond me. There are bars in the casino but good luck getting a drink there. All the non-Viva attendees will be there and they aren't usually very friendly. Your other option is to get a boot, or whatever the Orleans equivalent is. I have never gotten one so I don't really know how they work. I'm not very good at carrying things around and so many people get them that if you set it down to go dance, chances are when you get back you will not know which one is yours. And I have no interest in drinking out of some strangers boot as I have no idea where their mouths have been that weekend!!

Me. Beer smuggler.

5-Shopping. You can't go to Viva without doing a little shopping. Make sure to set aside a good amount of cash to purchase goodies at the vendors. There will be tons of vintage clothing booths, cd's and vinyl, reproduction clothes and shoes, jewelry, hair accessories, and even kids clothes. The vendors open on thursday at 5pm and there will be a line to get in. It will also be extremely packed so be prepared for that. I usually prefer to shop late in the evening or wait until friday, but if you are concerned that you will miss out on some great stuff then I recommend getting there early and waiting in line. One thing to remember is that you can barter for a better price with most vendors. There will be vendors at the car show as well so make sure to check them out. Also, most vendors have sales on sunday so make sure to stop in then for those last minute deals. Most of my Vegas purchases are made on sunday

If you want to do some shopping outside of Viva there are tons of excellent shops around Vegas. I usually stop at Buffalo Exchange, Sephora and the Pro MAC store at Ceasers. I'm sure there are some vintage shops and thrift stores too, but I've never really been to them.

Vegas. Not a current photo.

So there you go! Thats my Preparation for Viva post. I'm sure there are things I am forgetting and I will do my best to do some more posts about packing and stuff. Hopefully this will help you guys out. If you guys have any questions or suggestions please leave me a comment and I will do my best to help!

Monday, February 7, 2011

I Wish....

I wish that I had a ton of money to buy tons of cute stuff off of Etsy. Since I do not I shall just continue to daydream and window shop.





Shaheen dress.

Even if I had money these dresses are way out of my price range. They certainly are stunning though!!

Friday, February 4, 2011

You Lose One, You Win One

A week ago I bid on this pretty green jumper and lost.

Yesterday I bid on this pretty red jumper and won.

Both Vintage. Both velvet. Same size. Both sold for around $35.

I guess thats how the vintage universe is supposed to work.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Ghost of Viva Las Vegas Past: 2003

Denver is covered in snow right now with temperatures dipping down to -9 degrees, so I figured it would be a good time for another Viva post. Why not right?

2003 was the year of Brenda Walsh. My car, not the 90210 character. I had purchased a 1963 Ford Fairlane for $500 from a guy I briefly dated. She was doomed from the start. The brakes gave out at a stop light, she overheated all the time, would only start on occasion, and was cursed with a mysterious electrical problem. Needless to say she was a piece of junk. I loved her just the same and named her Brenda Walsh because of her erratic, bitchy behavior.

Even though I knew it was a bad idea I decided to drive her to Viva. It was not for the 'cool' factor of driving an old car, it was because Seth and I had no other options. We were broke and had not properly made travel plans. Tara was living in San Diego at the time and would be meeting us there. So we decided to take a chance and drive the hoopty 8 hours to Las Vegas.

Me and Brenda.

We decided to caravan with a group of people just in case my car took a shit. There was a 63 Lincoln and a Roadster that my friends were driving, and some other people in more modern cars. The trip was a nightmare, taking over 16 hours due to the fact that the Roadster needed to refuel every hour. By the time we made it to Vegas around 2 pm on thursday I was a stressed out mess!! 

The Roadster and Lincoln with about 6 more hours of driving left.
Even though I was exhausted and stressed from driving 16 hours there was no way I was going to take a nap. I took a shower, made myself pretty and started drinking immediately. I was on a sort of sleep deprived high and used that to my advantage. Even though I had been up for about a day and half at this point I managed to stay up till around 7 am dancing and drinking. It was great!

With E on thursday.

Tara and Seth. I remember Tara being really tan this year.

I ruined these pants washing them. I'm still not over it.

With Adri.

Tara and I made the car show into a girls outing, leaving the boys behind. We put on our hot sarong dresses, got coffee and beer, and flirted with random guys. We were both single(ish) this year and used it to our advantage. We had a ton of fun and there is video out there somewhere.

With George Barris who goosed us. Dirty old man!

I love this dress. My friend Courtney loaned it to me and I begged her to sell it to me but she wouldn't. Its a Shaheen. Sigh.

After the car show we met up with Seth and Ryan for a decent meal at The Olive Garden.

Sunday shopping.

Tara's adorable dress.

My repro 40s Hawaiian set. It has Cranes on it. I still have this but haven't worn it in ages.

Tara's dress was one that I made her buy. I initially wanted it but it didn't fit me. I still love it.

There are so many outfit shots from this year that I don't remember when we wore most of them. I know that Tara almost didnt buy this dress until I talked her into it.

Tara and Seth entered the Jive contest this year and placed third. I don't have any pictures of it though. I know that she has video so maybe she'll post it on her blog (hint, hint).

The drive home from Vegas turned out be rather dramatic. Adam sold his Lincoln at the car show and the Roadster and van went home early. So Eric rented a car and we were going to follow in Brenda. About 2 hours out Brenda died. Her transmission went out completely and she had to be towed to a garage. I cried. We piled all of our stuff into the rental and drove home. There were 7 or 8 people piled into an economy car, along with numerous suitcases
. It was uncomfortable to say the least. 

I never retrieved Brenda. It just wasnt worth how much it would cost. She's probably still retired somewhere in Arizona. She was a bitch but I loved her. 

 Brenda Walsh
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