Monday, January 17, 2011

A Very Bakelite Christmas

This year for Christmas Oscar informed me that he would just be getting me bakelite. I was certainly not going to complain! Some of these he bought me while I was with him, and the rest he bought all on his own. I will list prices if I know them.

This little beauty we spotted in a vintage jewelry store. The color is really orange and the design is of two fish. Its really unique and he paid $100 for it.
See the fish?

You can see the scales and its back fins.

These two we got at an antique store in Golden, CO. We simply couldnt pass them up because they were priced really reasonably. I would say that they are one of my favorite combos now.

Yellow bakelite-$60
Rust/red bakelite (the biggest one I own now)-$80

The rest of these were all bought by Oscar alone. I'd say he did a really good job!!
The carved apple juice one on the right is my new favorite! It has a purple tint to it that I love!!

So all in all Oscar bought me 13 pieces of bakelite. I am a very happy girl.

This last one I bought for myself a while back. I believe I paid $50 for it.

I feel that I now have a pretty darned good collection, but of course I still want more!! There are some rare colors like blue that I would love to get. But for now I am ok! I am going to work on a post about real and fake bakelite as requested by Brook so keep an eye for that.


  1. I wonder if there's pink bakelite?!

  2. Yes, Tara, there is!

    OK, Frank failed this year. The ONE THING I asked for directly for Christmas was Bakelite. He did not get me any. I held in my disappointment for a week, and then we had a fight about it. After the Lucite purse he got me last year, the bar was set pretty high, now.

  3. Oooh! The orange one with the fish is KILLING me! SO cute!

  4. Did you know that most bakelite used to be a different color? It can change overtime. Pink became orange and blue became green. Weird.

  5. What a gorgeous collection! I love carved bakelite!

  6. Oscar ROCKS at picking out jewelry - you SCORED with that guy! ;) I have the "Bakelite Bangles" book and it's pretty much like porn for vintage jewelry lovers.

  7. BTW, did a shout-out to you in a recent blog post!

  8. Your collection is totally DROOL-WORTHY! WOW! I am still loving that fat orange beauty! My mother-in-law got me two, including my first carved piece. I want more now! Valentine's is coming up and bakelite is being hinted heavily! Nevertheless, I am so jealous and happy for you! Lol! Oscar did a fantastic job! What a great fella!

  9. Your collection NEVER fails to stun me. These are amazing. And look like candy. Yum.
    -Andi x

  10. I love the red one!!! AMAZING! bangles are the only bracelets I like to wear when im working.

  11. What a fantastic collection! Oscar did amazingly well, what a guy :)

  12. Wow - what a collection! Oscar has impeccable taste. And thanks for including prices. Its good to know what is a "good" price for carved pieces as it varies so much online (pretty much the only place you can get them in the UK!)

  13. wow, so much at once, awesome! I hope you realise how lucky you are that bakelite is so cheap in the USA, that wide orange carved one alone would cost $400 here.

  14. How beautiful and what a lucky girl you are, he's done a great job! Bakelite is still something I long to own :o( It's not easy to find here in the UK and I prefer to see and feel it rather than buy online. Ah well I'll drool over yours in the meantime!

  15. Thanks ladies! Oscar did do a good job this year. I think he likes bakelite as much as I do! I agree with STM. I like to see it in person too. All of my best pieces, minus 1 or 2, have been bought in person. I have noticed though that the cost of bakelite online (Ebay) has gone down recently. If you look hard enough I bet you will find some good deals.

  16. They are beautiful and completely drool worthy! You're one lucky girl!

  17. WOW!
    You are a lucky girl!!!
    The big red one is fantastic and at such a great price. I've seen similar bangles on eBay for $200 or more. The orange one with the fish is adorable! Your Oscar has some mad gifting skills!
    To answer Tara's question, above, Yes! there was pink Bakelite...but it oxidizes to an orange color so almost all Bakelite that originally was pink wouldn't be pink today, unless someone took a grinder/polisher to it and stripped off the oxidized layer, which to some people, totally ruins the value of the piece.
    Thanks for sharing all your new beauties with us...I agree with Andi...they're like candy!

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  19. Absolutely gorgeous! I've never been much of a jewelery girl, but I couldn't pass up a great deal for a lot of bakelite and now I'm hooked! Seesh :)


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