Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A Slightly Random Collection of Pictures

I have a ton of pictures to post and thought that I would post all the random ones together.

Met a really nice follower of my blog, Kelli, at my favorite restaurant Cuba Cuba. She was really lovely and I promised her I would post this pic once I got my computer set up. Thanks for following my blog Kelli!!!!

The boys, jealous that I was getting all the attention ;-)

The night before Thanksgiving was freezing!! Again, I wish I would've taken a proper pic of my outfit. I will get better!! We hid out at the Skylark with Ian and Chica, but ducked out early to catch an early flight to LA.

Landed in LA at 8am on Thanksgiving day and went straight to King Taco. Would you believe that there was a line??? It was totally worth it too!!

New Years day downtown in front of Union Station, after a quick cocktail at the Cruise Room.

My asshole of a cat Calvin Wayne always sits on top of Pachuca to remind her that he rules the roost.

Little Pachuca in her parka and booties. She's had to wear them a lot lately, poor thing! It hasnt stopped her from chasing sqiurrels though.

I must say that having an actual computer at home has been really great. I've sat at this desk all day!!!!


  1. I'm glad you're back online, I've missed your posts

  2. Thanks! I can't tell you how much I've missed posting. Its weird how addicted you get to blogging!

  3. Haha, Calvin looks so snooty and superior :D

  4. Great to see you 'properly' back! Look forward to your posts this year and seeing how your exciting new business venture progresses!
    (Love the photo of your cat sat on your dog BTW - hilarious!)

  5. I am glad you finally got a computer! Good luck in your business, I know it will be great! Love Calvin sitting on Pachuca, so funny.

  6. Yay! Great to have you back online! And I've nominated you for a blog award!


  7. Great photos. Your Chi and my Chi should get together for a playdate some day :-)

  8. Yes my cat is pretty funny. Hes 14 and still acts like a kitten.

  9. Aw! Thanks for posting our pic! Boy, you can tell I had a few to drink. And for the record, you are stunning in a way your pictures don't depict. It was great meeting you and Oscar and your friend.

    I be continuing to follow!

  10. Awww thanks Kelli! It was a lot of fun meeting you too! Oscar's friend was a bit jealous though. He likes to be the center of attention. lol!


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