Sunday, January 23, 2011

Outfit Post

Today was a casual day that we spent thrifting so I thought I'd share with you my outfit.

Me in front of the mess that is my closet.
Sweater-Buffalo Exchange
Jeans-Freddies of Pinewood
Vintage black wedges-Viva

Lazy hair. Two braids pinned up.
Bakelite Earrings-Revolver Vintage

Todays Bakelite.


  1. Super cute! We thrifted today too (though don't know about you, but sadly had no luck). Loving the Bakelite of course... I particularly love the big black guy on the left, wowza!

  2. Just wanted to let you know that I gave you a blog award!

  3. adorable outfit I hope you found some great items =)

  4. I love how your closet is sorted into sections though, I have to do this but dreading it as I'll be constructing it eeek!

    Love the bakelite you make me crave it more and more!

  5. is it bad that bakelite makes me drools?I found myself mouth agape staring at yours lustfully

  6. I LOVE your jeans! Those bakelite bangles are beyond drop-dead gorgeous! Now, I want to go look on ebay and etsy for more! I got my first carved piece for Christmas and I have to have more!

  7. Tasha-Thanks! Can you believe I have no idea where I got it? I'm usually good at remembering but that ones an enigma!

    Betty2Tone-Thanks for the award!!!

    Hep-Kitten-We sure did, but almost all of it will be going into our (future) store.

    STM-I live in a pretty small place so I had to be really organized with my closet. I still don't have enough room though. Half my stuff is in storage!

    Art Deco Dame-It makes me drool too!!

    Tara-Freddies of Pinewood are the best jeans! You can get em online and they aren't too pricey.

  8. You look so cute in your Freddies and I absolutely love your Bakelite collection! You are one lucky girl to have scored on such awesome prices for your bangles. There aren't any vendors in my area that don't sell them for an arm and a leg. *sigh*


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