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The Ghost of Viva Las Vegas' Past: 2001

With Viva Las Vegas 14 just around the corner lots of bloggers are doing posts about it. I did a few last year when I had just started blogging and hadnt thought too much about doing any this year. In all reality I havent had much time to think about Viva at all. We havent gotten our tickets yet and I have no idea what I have in my closet thats new and Viva appropriate. That being said, I am in no place to do any prep posts yet. Besides, Dollie and Kim are doing a great job of that. So I decided that I would just share with you "Viva thru the years according to me". I have gone to every Viva since 2001, accept for one, so I have plenty of photos to share. A lot of these are from my album so I had to take pictures of them for these posts, as we dont have a scanner yet. Oh, and for whatever reason I used to think it was cool to cut them all up. Enjoy!!

I wanted to go to Viva in 2000 but I was too broke. I made sure I went in 2001 though. I was soooo excited to go, as were most of the rockabilly crowd in Albuquerque. The scene there was actually really good at that time.I really didnt have any vintage clothes yet, just a few pieces, and didnt know enough to care. I just wanted to go to dance and have a great time.
I went with Tara and Seth and we roomed together. I remember asking Tara what she brought to wear and she proceeded to tell me that she had done a Hawaiian theme for the weekend. I was in shock that she had enough vintage dresses to even do a theme! I think I had maybe 2 at the time.

When we went down to get our bracelets in the small ballroom I was in awe of everyone there. These people really had it together. Vintage from head to toe and the most amazing hair styles. I wasnt jealous, really, but it did make me realize that I wanted to be that way too. I had been experimenting with vintage hair and clothes for a while by then, but going to Viva really made me decide to be more committed.

I remember trying on a Vintage dress from one of the vendors. It was way overpriced for me but I couldnt resist. It was a silk Hawaiian sarong dress and I was in love with it! Pretty sure thats where my obsession with sarongs stems from.

Me and Steve dancing.

It wasnt until that evening that I really got the full affect of Viva. Being on that dance floor and hearing the best music on the planet, surrounded by people that appreciated it as much as I did, was amazing! It didnt matter that I wasnt wearing any vintage because I was having too much fun to care!

Me with Liz, Tara and Seth. I'm wearing a cherry print dress I got from Hot Topic. Oh yeah!

And here I am rocking my 80s Hawaiian dress.

I remember watching the Jive competition. I already knew how to dance it but the people in the contest were really good. I really liked the couple that took second, who didn't do any aerials, as I thought they really stayed true to the dance. I decided that I would enter the Jive competition the next year. I never thought I'd win. I just wanted to dance!

Some outfits. I'm wearing two vintage dresses, the blue one I bought at Viva. And Tara is in one of her cute vintage dresses as well.

I had more fun at this Viva then I can remember. I loved that everywhere you went in the Gold Coast you were surrounded by Rockabilly people. Yes, some of them were not nice, but it never bothered me enough to deter me from doing what I loved. If anything it just pushed me more. There are always going to be those people, no matter what you do or where you go. I had too much fun to care about them anyways. I dont even remember if we left the hotel at all. I dont remember the car show, and there was no pool party yet. I just remember dancing and drinking and having a great time. I knew that I'd be going to Viva for years to come!


  1. I love that you are starting this series. I actually have been trying to talk my friend who is a writer into writing a book about Viva. He went to every one until about 3 years ago, and he will be there this year. I think the progression of the festival and the die-hards who love it will make an interesting book.

    You are right about it is something we can grow up in. The most amazing people in the world are other rockabilly music lovers, and vintage lovers. No better people and no better fun. The friendships made through Viva and weekenders are the best in the world.

  2. I can't wait to read the rest of your posts!
    I can really relate to what you said about people being mean- the rockabilly scene is fairly small in Australia and some people can be a bit snobby...but there are also alot of wonderful people out there who, as Kim said- are no better people and no better fun!
    I would loooove to go to Viva one year but I just gotta keep on savin'!
    x Molly

  3. Yeah I just focus on my friends. The mean people don't usually last too long anyways. Most people at Viva are really nice and are just looking to have a good time anyways. And I love seeing all the older Rockabilly people there. Just cuz we age doesnt mean we have to give up!

  4. We age well, in the Rockabilly scene ;-)

  5. I love this blog! I was new to VLV in 2010-and your experience describes my own as a virgin! Just in awe of all the beautiful people that were so inspiring to how I wanted to be. I already love the music, just on a budget for dresses, etc...bad economy, laid off, yadda, yadda, yadda...but you're blog gives me a few ideas and I am so looking forward to VLV 2011!

  6. Saturns Shadow-The first few years I went to Viva I only brought $300. That was to cover gas, room, food, drinks and shopping. I'd maybe get 2 or 3 lower priced dresses. We'd buy a bottle of vodka and some OJ, some beer, and keep it all in our room, using the ice bucket as a cooler. Hell, we still do that! Even though I was on a budget I always had fun though!

  7. I've been wanting to go to Viva since i was 21... IM 25 NOW! I think i might actually talk my BF and some friends to go. It looks so much fun! PS the cherry dress... Hilarious! I remember when it came out at Hot Topic.

  8. I agree with Kim we age well on this scene ;o)

    I haven't been to as many as you cos it's a bit more costly coming from this side of the world, but we went to 1999, 2000, mmm another one in between and 2007 was my last I think, sad, would love to go but too broke!

  9. OMG!! Look at how young we were! We always had such a great time. This (2001) was my second Viva. I think I've gone to 11 Viva's in total. I'm pretty sure I've missed 3 so far. I'd love to go to Viva this year, but I have a wedding to go to, San Diego trip, and a bachelorette party (also in Vegas) all happening this summer. If I can swing the money, I'll go for sure.
    I should do this post also!! I have TONS of pics from Viva. And TONS of video, LOL. Look at my ancient video camera I'm holding!
    I miss my bestie!! xo

  10. Tara-We always had so much fun!! I'm gonna do one of these posts for every year I went. You should too! It would be great to see all the video. I just wish stupid E would pony up the jive contest video!!

    Miss you too! I'm gonna be there for my birthday in Feb so we need to hang out!!!

  11. Wow! $300 for gas, food, etc is impressive! Last year we did end up buying our booze at local liquor stores, but somehow it always disappeared before we made it back to the hotel room. :) Gotta love the open container laws on the strip.
    One question for you lovely ladies though, I noticed the comments about your cherry Hot Topic that a faux pas to wear a Hot Topic dress? I had a cute sundress from Hot Topic I was planning on wearing to the Car Show, but won't if it's a no-no.

  12. Hey Holly, did you get the Fashion Forever book? One of the pics of you in this post looks like the one in the FF book so Im guessing it was taken in 2001 ish?! Great idea for series post :)

  13. Great post! I love reading about other peoples VLV adventures. Its gets me so excited to next VLV! Thanks for the plug too!


  14. Saturns Shadow-I joke about the Hot Topic dress because now I am a strictly vintage girl when it comes to Viva (with a little repro thrown in). I wear plenty of modern mall brands on a daily basis though and I love them. I do not consider myself a vintage snob. I say-wear whatever you want as long as you feel good in it. Not everyone likes or owns vintage, and there are so many different types that go to Viva. I appreciate everyones sense of style, as long as they put effort into it.

    DCC-I did get it!! Its so funny to see it because I dont remember taking that picture. Its too bad my eyes are closed too! Thanks for the tip!

    Dollie-I got more coming!


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