Thursday, January 13, 2011

Blog Award

Paige over at Baby Steps Into Vintage gave me a fabulous blog award. Thanks so much Paige! Now I have to list 10 things that I like. I'm going to stick with 'things' as opposed to 'people' because there are way more than 10 people that I like! I also have to name 10 Blogs that I love. Ok, here it goes.

1-Dancing. I've been swing dancing now for over 10 years and I still love it! I dont do it as often as I like but every time I go I have fun. My latest obsession is Collegiate Shag.

2-Bakelite. Carved Bakelite bangles and earrings in particular. I have quite a post to follow here soon of all the new pieces I got for Christmas. Santa was very good to me this year, even though I'm not sure I deserved it!

3-50s R&B. Love, love, love this music!! Wynona Carr, Ruth Brown, Laverne Baker, Little Esther, Wynonie Harris, Little I really need to explain why???

4-Boardwalk Empire. While being unemployed I had the chance to get caught up on the whole series, which I promptly did in two days. Then I rewatched them all with Oscar. This series is so good!! The fashion alone is enough to get me hooked, especially the mens clothes. They even make Steve Buscemi look good! I can't wait for the new season to start!

5-Vintage Hawaiian Dresses. I can't get enough of them. Sarongs in particular are my favorite. They just make you look so good!!

6-Hats. I've always loved cloches but I'm trying to branch out more. I've gotten some new 40s hats recently too. The only thing I don't like are veils. There have been lots of hats that I liked, but since they had veils I passed them up. I just can't bring myself to cut off the veil. Unless its already damaged that is.

7-My Electric Blanket. It gets cold in Denver and this thing rocks!! It gets so hot that I've yet to go past #3. I also love my space heater.

8-Viva Las Vegas. I've been to 9 or 10 of them now and I still love going. I love the dancing, the drinking, the people watching. But mostly I like seeing all my friends. They are spread all over the world now so this one of the only times I get to see some of them. Its always a good time!

9-Dessert. I love ice cream, cup cakes, strawberry shortcake, creme brulee...I love dessert!! I especially love the tres leches from Cuba Cuba and the Tiramisu from Gaetanos. Yum!! In fact, I'm going to have a bowl of Belgian Chocolate ice cream once I'm thru with this post!

10-30s Hair and makeup. For some reason those styles seem really appropriate for winter. The hair styles also look really great with hats (see above) and its been a nice break from the 40s and 50s styles I usually do. Still can't do pin curls though.

Ok, now for the 10 blogs I love. This is by no means a complete list as I read and love so many of them!! They are also not in any particular order.

1-Pin up Kitten
2-The Rockabilly Socialite
3-Betty's Vintage Musings
4-Andi B. Goode
5-Welcome to DeluxeVille
6-Swing Fashionista
7-The Kim Show
9-The Freelancers Fashion Blog
10-The Mysterious Life of the Metropolitan Housewife

I'm also going to give an honorable mention to For the Vintage Fashionista. I just started following her blog and I'm really enjoying it. She's pretty new to blogging too so go on over and say hi!


  1. Thanks for the kudos and thanks for turning me onto some more great blogs to enjoy. You rock and I'll see you in 97 days! xo

  2. Ahhhhh.....thank you soooo much for giving me a spot on your list. I am flattered! So, when are you going to start doing VLV posts? I really want to read about how you plan for the weekend. :)

    Did I mention how happy I am to have you back? I missed you!


  3. Thanks for the shout out!

    I love and miss you! xo

  4. Love the music suggestions! Listening to them on pandora right now!

  5. I can't wait for Boardwalk Empire to come over here, the more I hear about it the more excited I get. Great to find out a little more about you :)

  6. oooh is Boardwalk Empire that good? I thought it looked like it might be, it's over here pretty soon!

  7. Kim, Dollie and Tara-Not a problem! I really do love your blogs!

    Dollie-I havent even had a moment to think about Viva, can you believe? I've enjoyed reading reading everyones lists though. I will work on a post for it soon.

    Brook-Also make a Louis Jordan channel. That one always pulls up some great stuff.

    Penny and STM-Its soooooo good!! There are so many historical characters and events in there that you don't even know about. Its great to go back and read about the history of it all. So. so good.


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