Thursday, December 16, 2010

An Update

Hey everyone! I am sorry to say that I still don't have a computer
. I am postingfrom an I Phone and it is not updated right now, so I am unable to postpictures. I want to thank everyone for the kind comments about my current situation. The worst part is just feeling cut off from the world. The other bad thing is not being able to shop! If you know me, or just follow my blog, than you know how much
I love to shop. Oscar did buy my a great pair of brown wedges in Austin though, which I wish I could share with you. Once I get some money in I will be getting a computer. I can't live without it much longer!

Well I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. Hopefully I can post again soon. With pictures!

1 comment:

  1. I missed your last post....Just wanted to say that often these things happen for a reason, and if you disliked your job anyway, it probably did you a favour! I lost my job nearly two years ago when the company went bust. This made me take the desiscion to become self employed and grow my business and its the best thing I ever did!
    Good luck :)


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