Wednesday, November 10, 2010

I'm Gonna Go Postal on the Post Office!!

I'm so mad!! I purchased this Franciscan gravy boat on Etsy for Oscar. It was going to be a Christmas present to add to our collection.

 I was excited to get it in the mail today but as I unwrapped it I discovered this:

Yup. A huge chip!!  I could tell that it was damaged from the Post Office too as all the little chips were still wrapped in the bubble wrap. Luckily the Etsy seller is going to refund half of the money for me but I'm still out some money and no gift for Oscar. It makes me really sad. Its not the money because it really wasnt expensive. Its the fact that this beautiful, collectible piece that was in great condition is now ruined. No one wants chipped Franciscan!!

Oh well. Lesson learned. Tell the seller to pack it well and write 'fragile' on the side. Also, purchase insurance!!!


  1. So sad! :( and sorry this happened to you! As an Etsy seller myself, I package all my breakables so that they could withstand being dropped from standing height. I've heard that if you write "Fragile" on a package, that some evil handlers will actually be rougher with it! and don't think FedEx is any better...they lost a $3400. painting of mine and then refused to pay up.
    Luckily, these things don't happen too often!

  2. Thats horrible! I know from my job that its just the risk you take but its especially hard when its a vintage piece. And now I'm stuck with a chipped gravy boat!

  3. Oh NO! That sucks! I am so sorry that happened! Franciscan Starburst is hella expensive and getting harder to find!

    Once, UPS delivered a package and left it on my porch. It was raining hard that day and the dummy UPS dude left my package out in the rain. I have a covered porch and yet he was too lazy to put it next to my door which was only 5 feet away! Inside my package was a vintage dress and when I opened it, the dress was slightly damp! I was mad! Thankfully, the dress was not ruined. But still!

    Again, I am so sorry your vintage got broken! I hope you can still find something special for Oscar.

  4. thats too bad hun..I been seeing some on Ebay lately...I hate how iresponsible the post is!

  5. There are two on ebay... one going cheap with no bids but a tiny 'fleabite', and another mint condition at $34.99.

    That's terrible though... the postal service here in the UK is just as bad, I occasionally buy tropical fish mail order, and despite coming by courier and being well packed in specialist fish transit boxes, the last two have arrived injured due to bad handling. They also lose huge amounts of packages, it makes me wonder where they're all ending up.

  6. When Hailey was born she had her first pictures taken at the hospital. 3 weeks later her newborn pictures arrive from the post office, bent in half! I packed Hailey in the car and went to the post office and literally did go postal at them! I just remember yelling at them and shaking the ruined pictures at them and asking them "How could you do this?" We still have issues with them! Sorry about the damage.

  7. Yeah I'm now watching a few on Ebay right now. I guess the good thing is that we can have one for use and one for display. I always worry about breaking them because these are the dishes we use. We (Oscar) have already broken a whole set of amoeba glasses! I don't want to break the Franciscan too!

    Amy-Did you get reprints from the hospital? Its ridiculous that they do stuff like that. You'd think they'd be a little more carefull!!


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