Monday, November 15, 2010

Hair Pic and Some Recent Purchases

 I really liked how my hair turned out on saturday so I took some pics of it.

I did pin curls around the face and then brushed the back under.

Heres a close up shot. I tried to hide the bobby pins but some of them were harder than others.

I also purchased a few things. I'm keeping it cheap so I can buy Christmas gifts.

A vintage pink slip. $5 on Ebay

A wool a-line skirt. Its made by Talbots and I got it on Ebay for $15. I love the color and don't have anything like it.

And this little gem that I found at Boss Vintage for $36. The stitching is pink and the material is a grey linen. It looks like a womens Hollywood jacket and I absolutely love it!!


  1. The curls are so cute and that green skirt will look great with your bakelite!

  2. I agree with Kim! Those curls are cute! I also love your hat! Fabo! Those are some great deals! The slip's lace detail is divine! Looks like I need to visit ebay again! Etsy pricing is starting to annoy me.

    Again, great look and congrats on the purchases!


  3. Thanks ladies! I agree about Etsy. I havent found anything on there lately at a decent prise. I do however find way too much on Ebay!!

  4. The hair is superb. Seriously. Love your kitchen, if I ever go to America again, I'm coming for a visit!!

  5. Your hair looks fantastic!! Absolutely love it. =D
    -Andi x

  6. I love your hair--such a pretty style!

  7. Thanks ladies! I would say that its one of my favorite hairdos so far with my shorter hair. We'll see if I can replicate it though! And my little Forever 21 beret is fast becoming a favorite of mine as well.

  8. I used to have a cherry themed kitchen and I believe I used the same stencil on my cabinets also. Love it!!


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