Tuesday, November 9, 2010

A Different Day a Different Hat

I am obsessed with hats lately, but I seem to always wear the same hat. I love my little black and tan cloche but I really do need to broaden my horizons. I will make more of an effort to wear all of the other lovelies I have amassed recently.


Today. I forgot my lipstick.

Bad view of me, better view of the hat.

My friend Cara sent me this image and I love it! Find it here. It makes me realize that I need a red beret.

It reminds me of the picture I took on the Queen Mary.

They both inspire me to wear more eyeshadow!!


  1. I'm also obsessed hats. I love the gray beret

  2. Lovely! Your hair looks beautiful, and such a great blog too!

  3. Rosy-I got the grey beret from Forever 21. That store is a weakness of mine!

    JJ-hats are a necessity here. The wind and snow get really cold!

    Eloise-Thank you!!!!


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