Thursday, October 21, 2010

Rhythm Rocker Weekend in Review

I'm not feeling any better today. Actually I am feeling worse but I would rather do a blog post than work. I figured I would give an update on the Rhythm Rocker weekend. If there are spelling errors I apologize now. I'm rather high on meds so my mental capacity is a bit off.


On friday we flew out right as my friends Seth and Tina were flying in. How fortunate, you may say. But no! It actually really sucked. Seth is in Albuquerque but Tina is currently stationed in Japan (she's a doctor in the Air Force) and will be overseas for the next 3 years. It just so happened that she was coming into Denver for a wedding the very weekend we were flying to LA. We were all bumbed to say the least, but we made sure to say a quick hello at the airport.

The flight was fine and we arrived on time. The minute we walked outside though and hit that humidity, I could feel my hair flatten. I have no idea how LA ladies do it! We got our rental car and drove to Long Beach. We were staying with our friends Leo, Bridget and Shannon so I fixed my hair there and we all got ready.

The ladies. Me, Shannon, Bridget. I love the dress I'm wearing but its a little loose in the elastic. I need to take it in a bit. I love Bridget's rhinestone top!!

Leo and Oscar

Elvis, Bridgets blind puppy, who should've been named Ray Charles. I absolutely love this dog!! He would get so excited that he would run around and eventually run into a wall or another person. It never stopped him though. He was just too darned happy.

We drove to the event and couldnt find parking because there was some booty dancing club next door. We went into the event and it was really weird. It was one room where all the vendors were along with the bands and DJ's. The thing that sucked about it was that the lights were really bright. This really threw me off and I had a hard time getting into it. The bar sucked too. Bad pours and just bad service.

That being said we tried to make the best of it. I saw a lot of people I knew and was busy catching up with everyone. The bands were ok. Big Boy Bloater, which was one of the headliners, was really annoying. If I want to hear white boy blues I would've stayed in Denver. The Dj's were great though and there was a ton of dancing. All in all though it was just ok. I had a hard time really getting into it, and once I did it was over.

San Francisco broads.

Dj Satoshi


Saturday turned out to be a long day. My friend Cara, who just moved to LA, text me and came and picked me up. We went to 4th street to hit up the vintage shops, which is where I did all my shopping. For the life of me I can not remember what I wore, but I do know I wore my Lola's. I was lazy and didnt take any pictures of course.

We ate at Taco Bell and then went to Echo Park to see her apartment and walk her dog. Then I went back to meet Oscar and get ready for the evening.

Moody Chicken.

LA traffic.

Saturday was a lot of fun and wouldnt you know I didnt take a single picture! This is because I didnt even take my purse. I just wanted to dance and not worry about anything. This was by far the best night. The Cleftones were pretty good and the Sun Records tribute was fun as well. I don't really remeber much else, but that just means I had fun!

Sunday Oscar and I went to stay at a hotel. Bridget and Shannons kids were coming home and we didnt want to invade on them. We also took the time to go to the Queen Mary.

On the ship, sans makeup and sporting saturday nights hair. Rolls are so much easier on short hair!

We had drinks at the Observation Bar and there was the worst band ever!! It was a middle aged couple who sang covers of Lady Gaga, Kesha and Katy Perry, and not in a cool loungy way. I wanted to shoot myself.

I found this at the gift shop and I'm obsessed with it! I totally want a tattoo like this.

After the Queen Mary we headed back to the hotel to get ready and headed to the show. This night was again just ok. They combined both rooms together because there wasnt enough people for both. This meant that DJ sets were either shortened or cut altogether to make room for the bands. This sucked because you really dont dance to the bands. Its an LA thing. So I really didnt do much dancing on this night.

I wore my new sarong dress, which I am in love with.

With Oran and Teresah.

Zack and Oscar

Adam and Jana. When I saw her dress I was freaking out over it and was so mad when she said she got it there. How the hell did I miss it??? Then she said 'no, I got it at My Baby Jo.' Wait. Thats repro?! Then I informed her that I would be purchasing that same exact dress which she got a kick out of. Lol! Luckily we dont live in the same state so there won't be the chance of us wearing it at the same time.

Sylvie and Shannon

Oscar with Ashley, AKA Doris MayDay

The next day Oscar and I ate carnitas with his family (yum!) and then headed to the airport. We had time so we went to Encounter's, which oddly, Oscar has never been to.

So all in all it was a fun weekend. I got to hang out with a bunch of my friends that I dont get to see very often. I also made some new friends as well. The show itself wasn't very good, IMO. I tried to go to the pool party and car show but it was dead. Also, they didnt do day passes, which was a missed opportunity. The room was too bright, the bar sucked, and attendence wasnt as high as I excpected. However, the music was overall very good and there was a lot of dancing on friday and saturday. At first I thought that we wouldve had more fun had we stayed at that hotel, but everything I heard was that the rooms were really gross. I think if they do this event again they should fix a few of these mistakes and they would have a very good show.


  1. It was great seeing you and that dress you were wearing Saturday was adorable! I wish you'd gotten pics of it.

  2. Great post, Holly! I am so sorry to hear that you are sick! I hope you feel better soon!

    I really enjoyed seeing your lovely outfits! Your hair is cute as ever! I also enjoyed reaing your review of the show! Informative and hilarious! I almost peed my pants laughing when I read your comment about the "band" on the Queen Mary! LOL!

    It sounds like the show had its ups and downs. I have been to a few hacker conferences (me, my husband, and our company are techo geeks by trade) in Vegas and like the LA show, these events can be lame and fun. The hotel accommodations recommended by the conference were major dumps so we stayed at the Caesars. The casino/hotel hosting the conference sucks too! I really wish Defcon's organizers would pick a better place!! But, the attendees and the parties make Defcon fun (people watching is always a riot) but again, I think an event's success is really dependent on the organizers' focus.

  3. Great to see you there this weekend. You looked so cute! I am sorry to hear that you are sick now. Did you catch a cold on the plane?

  4. Glad all turned out well. Feel better soon!

  5. I started getting sick on sunday and by monday was fully sick. I swear I get sick every time I travel! It was a good weekend though. Hopefully if they do it again they work out the kinks.

  6. Love reading your reviews about weekenders..and love the pics, 'you're cute as a button'....hey do you know if 'my baby jo' will have those dresses on their website ? regards Jodie from Downunder OZ!

  7. Anon-I asked the owner (I forget her name) and she said that they have taken the pictures for the site but havent posted it yet. So keep checking back! It comes in like 3 or 4 different colors too :-)


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