Thursday, October 7, 2010


Just a couple things really. I moved up my hair appointment so by tonight I will have half the hair I currently have. I'm a little nervous but I'm more excited than anything. I got clips so that I can try out pin curls and finger waves, which I've been studying on Youtube. One question though: what sort of setting product should I use for the waves? A spray gel or a setting lotion? What do you girls recommend?

I have yet to accomplish anything in preparation for the Rhythm Rocker weekend. I think I have been avoiding it because I have gained weight and I'm afraid some of my favorite items wont fit. I really need to get on it though. I know I have a few things that I have barely worn, if at all. Its always hard though because you dont want to wear something you wore to the last major event. Our rule for Viva is that you can't wear the same thing two years in a row (our other rule is no shorts/playsuits/bathing suits on the dance floor). However, since this is an entirely different event in a different state I may break this rule just a bit. We shall see. I'm sure I have plenty of things that I've been dying to wear and just havent. It shouldnt be too hard to find a great wardrobe to pack!

I did finally mend a vintage sweater that I have. Its from the 40s and is really stunning.

It had a few holes in it and some of the stiching along the elastic band had come loose. I love this sweater because it is so hard to find vintage ones! Plus, its button broach still has all its rhinestones, which is another rarity.

Also in this photo you will see an emerald green cardigan peaking out. Thats another item I need to mend for winter now that I think about it.

This is just a shot of a teeny section of my closet, including my Mod Cloth coat that I absolutely love btw!! That blue-ish sweater is new as well. Its Ralph Lauren and looks really vintage. Its wool though, so it will wait until colder weather.


  1. I can't figure out what to pack for the Rhythm Rocker. I'm sure I will over pack and not wear half the clothes I bring. That happens every year at Viva.

  2. I dont know what to wear either! Ehhhh. I am trying not to wear the same stuff I wore to Viva, but I only got to wear my new Shaheen and Kamehameha once, which was at last VLV,and I want to wear them again to Rhythm Rocker because I like them so much and its by the beach, ya know? Is that the longest run on sentence ever? Wow! I am having one hell of a time trying to find time to think about what to wear and get around to packing. Sheeessshhhh.

  3. Here's an idea Dollie, wear them during the day.

  4. My goal is to pack light, but I really have no idea what that means. Oscar said we should share the big suitcase. Hahahahahahahah!!! Yeah right! I have plans to at least get started on my packing tonight and sunday. Then I will probably scramble at the last minute!!

  5. Love closet shots! That 40s sweater is super cute!

  6. Try Lotta Body setting lotion. You have to dilute it depending on the firmness of the waves or curls or it gets crispy, but that also mean you can make it a spray. I get mine at Sally Beauty supply

  7. I'm so jealous you're all off to the Rhythm Rocker! Love that sweater btw!


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