Monday, October 25, 2010

Pictures of Fall

Yesterday I took Pachuca on a walk to Cheesman Park and I took along my camera. Denver is really pretty during fall.

In the spirit of Halloween, the first thing we came across was a black cat in our neighbors yard. Appropriate, I thought.

The edge of the park. I looked for the outline of graves but couldnt find any. I also didnt experiance any cold spots or ghosts :-(

Pachuca searching for squirrels at the park.

I went walking through the neighborhoods bordering the park. There are some amazing houses there!

I don't know what these trees are but I love that they turn orange and red. This ones behind my apartment building.

I also did my pumpkin shopping.


And after. We are waiting to carve the little ones as they rot a lot faster. But they will probably go in our window. Oscar carved the spider. Mines supposed to be a Vampire but I think I gave him too many fangs.


  1. Great post and great pictures! The black cat looks like my in-law's cat, Muffin!

    The pumpkins look awesome! Last year, I painted a few pumpkins on my porch and made them look like gray aliens. I cannot carve pumpkins to save my life so I paint them instead with acrylics!

    Denver is pretty in the fall! I was there two years ago during the fall and it was nice! The weather was perfect. Today, one of my friends in Breckenridge told me it has been snowing there for most of the day! Lucky! I still cannot believe opening day for the slopes is coming up already! I need to be in Colorado now! I am so over Virginia and the DC area!!

    Anyway, again, great post! I always love it when your dog is pictured! So cute!

    All my best,

  2. Wow! They are awesome pumpkins! :)


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