Friday, October 1, 2010

October Spookfest-The Walking Dead

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I love zombies. They are the only thing that ever really scared me. I knew Jason and Freddie weren't real, but for some reason zombies always got me. I remember watching Return of the Living Dead and being scared shitless by this guy:

Ick!! He still gives me the heebie jeebies!

Now I know that zombies aren't real (at least not in the 'eat your brains' kinda way), but just imagine if they were. Imagine if tons of newly dead people were running around trying to eat you, thus turning you into a flesh eating zombie as well. That would seriously suck, now wouldn't it??

I have had numerous nightmares about being chased by zombies, or holing up in a high rise apartment somewhere during a zombie invasion. I have even dreamt about trying to escape them on a motorcycle or while driving a beat up 50s car that has a tendency to stall out (kinda like that bad ass Impala in Jeepers Creepers). The scary thing about them is that eventually, they WILL get you. Its only a matter of time before they eat you alive and then you too will turn into some starving, walking dead thing. My only question is what happens when all the actual living humans get eaten and turned into zombies? Do the zombies just continue to wander around aimlessly, searching for food? Do they ever actually die? Or do they finally realize that they could live on animals and plants, thus turning back into something resembling a human?

Anyways, even though they freak me out I also love them for that reason.  Which is why I am totally excited for this:

Cool, right??? I saw the first preview for it during Mad Men and was instantly hooked. Its only supposed to be a 6 part series but I promise that I will watch every single one. Its based off of the comic book of the same name, which I haven't read because I don't read comics. I do, however, watch TV so I am really hoping that this series is done well and can possibly scare me as much as that nasty tar zombie at the top.

How you doin???

The Walking Dead premiers on AMC on Halloween. Watch the trailer here:


  1. If you really want to know what zombies are thinking, try watching the movie "wasting away". It's showing the world from the zombie perspective and afterwards you realise that zombies are people, too!

  2. That sounds good!! I'll have to check it out!

  3. Zombies get me too! I have about 5 zombie nightmares every year and they are always the worst. I wake up all sweaty and exhausted from trying to run in bed. I buy just about every zombie movie I can get my hands on. Gotta check out Walking Dead -- it looks awesome! Also, "Wasting Away" sounds good.

  4. You could always pull a Bill Murray in Zombieland and dress up and act like a zombie that way you can move around with them and not end up being dinner.
    That is my plan anyways!

  5. I havent seen that yet but its in my Netflix queue. Have you seen Shawn of the Dead?? That movie is brilliant!!!

  6. I <3 Zombies! And i can't wait for The Walking Dead to start!!

  7. Shawn of the Dead was great! James & I laughed our ass off during Zombieland, not really scary. You definately need to see it. Amy

  8. I just saw the latest Resident Evil film and it was great! Shawn the Dead was awesome but I found myself hiding behind my popcorn when the husband and I went to see it.

    I love the premise of zombies but I am big baby! Even the Thriller video scared me when it came out 27 years ago! I was 8 and my sister was 14. I was terrified when the zombies were trying to break in the house in the end! My sister was laughing at me and for a while, she got a big kick out of scaring me at night by claiming she saw zombies in our backyard. Brat.

    I love the Resident Evil series because Milla Jovovich as Alice is so kick-ass!

  9. I haven't seen any of the Resident Evil movies. Oscar hates horror movies so its really hard to sneak them in. This month is AMC's Fearfest which features a ton of horror movies so I plan on watching those. And I put a bunch in my Netflix queue to watch when he's at work.

  10. You'd love Hallowe'en in Bristol then, they're throwing a zombie walk through the city with parties afterwards. There's a facebook page dedicated to it here. Unfortunately, trains to and from my little Welsh village don't run late enough for me to fully enjoy this so I won't be attending :(

  11. I'm the same way about zombies.. even though I know theyre not currently real.. I still have in the back of my mind that someday it WILL happen. Every movie that comes out, their reasoning for how zombies came to just sounds so possible to me.. parasites, viruses, chemicals in the air.. etc.
    Zombie movies scare the crap out of me & I ALWAYS end up having zombie nightmares... but I just can't get myself to stop watching films about em. If you haven't seen George Romero's "Land of the Dead" of 2005, watch it. That one had me crying cuz it freaked me out so bad... zombies learn to evolve & fight back rather than being lifeless & trudging along. eek!

  12. Land of the Dead!!! I forgot about that one! I wanted to see that one so bad and then I forgot about it :-( Its going in me Netflix immediately!! Thanks!!


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