Monday, October 11, 2010

October Spookfest-A Murder on Gaylord Street

I wanted to share our Halloween decorations with you guys. We spent most of saturday putting it all together and I'm really happy with how it all turned out.

We covered our stoop in cobwebs and put a green light bulb in the lamp. We also have an incredibly annoying screaming welcome mat in place.

There's a whole family of spiders too!

We wanted to do a spooky scene in our window so we made 2 mannequins that are playing out a murder.

The murderer wore a vintage tie.

Lots of blood! There are even splatter marks on the window. I do think we need even more blood though...

We also have a strobe light that we turn on at night for added spookyness.

The view from outside. Its hard to get a good picture as we are 3 flights up. I didnt get a picture, but we also have lights and a Jack-o-lantern in our other two windows. The lights in our bedroom look like flames. We plan on carving pumkins as it gets closer to Halloween. Those darned things rot so fast!! There are a few more things I would like to get as well. Something spooky to hang on our door and in our other windows. And we still need to decide on costumes!

How about you guys? Have you put up any Halloween decorations yet???


  1. Wow!! Looks great!

    We haven't put up anything yet ! Usually we're decorated October 1st.

  2. We have a few ceramic pumpkins with fangs. They even scare me and I know they're not real!

  3. This is great! In the UK, although we 'celebrate' halloween, it is for one night only - so people only have parties and decorate on the 31st. I love the way you guys really go to town and put up your decs 2 wks before - like Christmas, cool!

  4. Ok, is it just me or are your mannequins floating in the air? They have no base holding them up? or are they haunted?

  5. lol! We used clear fishing line to hang them. I'm glad we got the effect we were hoping for! They aren't haunted, but they are really creepy. The knife is real too so its even scarier.


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