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October Spookfest-Ghosts of old Mt Prospect Cemetary

A while back I did a post about Cheesman Park here in Denver. The park was originally a Mt Prospect Cemetary and the act of removing the bodies was a shady one. A lot of the people buried in the potters field (which is today Cheesman Park, The Botanic Gardens, and some private residences) where never removed. As recently as June of this year, human bones were discovered during some construction in the park. It is estimated that around 2000 bodies still remain in the park and its surrounding areas. Needless to say, this has spawned quite a few ghosts stories.

The Pavillions of Cheesman Park. In June of this year human bones were found about 100 feet away in a trench that was dug for a sprinkler system.

The following taken from Rocky Mountain Paranormal:

A Cheesman Park Story:

"No question, Cheesman Park and the surrounding area is haunted! My husband and I lived in one of the condo buildings a couple blocks away from Cheesman Park on the west to lower west side. Our condo and most of the building I suspect was frequented by a multitude of ghostly neighbors. I don't think there was a day or night that went by that we didn't see or hear some paranormal activity. Just a few examples you can take or leave as you see fit: There was one entity that would come and watch over you or try to care for you if you didn't feel well or were sick. She would sit next to you on the couch or bed where ever you were laying down and you could feel the wait and see the depression this entity made while sitting next to you. There was another one, or maybe it was the same one that liked to take your matches if you happened to burn yourself while lighting a candle. Days and days later, the matches would show back up in the same place you set them down. We had a lot of the ghosts like to play with our TV in the bedroom. They would play with the color and brightness control and some would make visible white smoky swooshes in front of the TV when we were in bed at night watching the TV. The most interesting thing they did happened one day in the early evening, my husband and I were leaving the condo, walking down the hall to the elevator and as we got on the elevator, we both happened to look back down the hall toward our unit and the hall was lined with rose petals. They were only there for a split second. We both looked at each other on the way down the elevator and asked if the other had seen the rose petals. We both had, the only difference was the color of the petals. His were red with yellow towards the bottom and mine were a deep pink with yellow at the bottom. My best guess is that they liked the fact that we didn't mind that they were there. Maybe they were somewhat comforted by the interaction they had with us. We never felt any threatening feelings from our ghosts, it was almost always positive and every once in a while you would get a touch of sadness, but it was very fleeting."

Another Cheesman Park story:

"I am a 35 year old male and a recent transplant to Denver. I’ve always like getting out and walking and haven’t really found a place to exercise in the 3 months that I’ve been here. A friend of mine told me about Cheeseman Park and said it was a really good place to walk. I went down on Tuesday and started walking the perimeter of the park on the road. After walking all the way around the park about 5 times, I started getting tired. I noticed a path that appeared to cross the grassy area caused by foot traffic. I decided to use the path to cut back to my car to go home. About half way down the path, I hit what felt like a really cold spot and I had this overwhelming sense of being sad then really angry. I didn’t know what to think about it and just hurried on back to my car. After getting back home, I started feeling really sick to my stomach and light headed. I figured that I had over done it and told my roommate that I was going to lie down. After sleeping for about an hour, I woke up very quickly and found that I couldn’t move. I felt like something really heavy was holding me down and the only thing I could move was my fingers. I tried calling out to my roommate but couldn’t speak either. At that time, I heard a voice whispering into my ear saying “How dare you?” Over and over again. I was yelling in my mind “Get the hell off of me!” This lasted for what seemed like forever but lasted only 30 to 60 seconds. After that, the weight just seemed to disappear and I was able to get up.

I really thought that I had lost it. I came out into the living room and even though I thought he would think I was crazy, I told my roommate what had happened. Growing up in the Denver area, my roommate proceeded to tell me this awful story that the park used to be a cemetery and that there was still people buried there. So I stared reading on the internet about it but didn’t find any stories of other people having this type of experience. I’ve always been a skeptic but after this, I really don’t think I’ll be visiting this park anymore!"

Desecrated graves, the last of which were removed in the 50s.
"You son of a bitch! You moved the cemetery, but you left the bodies, didn't you? You son of a bitch, you left the bodies and you only moved the headstones! You-only-moved-the-headstones! Why? *Why*?" -Poltergeist

A person who works at the Botanic Gardens writes:

"I actually work right next to Cheeseman Park at Denver Botanic Gardens. I am a security officer there and I have almost two years of tenure. During that two years I have worked Day, Swing, and Graveyard shifts. I have experienced a multitude of things during that time ranging from:

Seeing "mists" of human figures. Seeing discernable human figures, color of clothing, skin, and hair were clearly visible. And I could not see through them which is what usually happens. Hearing my name being whispered. Hearing screaming in my ear. Women screaming inside the building and out in the gardens. Hearing doors slam. Hearing footsteps. Hearing the crinkle of someone sitting on a leather couch and no one was there. My keys fell out of a door and landed several feet away from the door. Not to mention the countless times of overwhelming feelings of sadness, anger, and fear.

In all these events I was alone, I have several witnesses to the events that follow:

A chair rolled across the room. Something grabbed my friends ankle and she literally jumped into my arms. Something grabbed my friends shoulder and tried to pull him into a boiler room. The emergency phone from inside the elevator has rang on more than one occasion. Something grabbed my friends necklace which had a "moon crystal" where the pendant would normally be. It looked at it for a second and then dropped it back on her chest. We have videotape of what appears to be a boy peeking out from behind a file cabinet in a secret staircase from the Library to the Master Bedroom (which have now both been converted to offices) in the "Waring House" which is an old mansion that was donated to the gardens. We have pictures of "orbs" in some very haunted places in the main building. A white figment of a boy allowed us to touch him, put our hands through him, which sort of changed the color of our hands and we could still feel something, but their was no temperature change.

That about sums it up as far as the paranormal activity that I've seen but the other security officers and employees of this facility have given countless other other stories of paranormal events. In addition gardeners have found coffin handles, finger bones, and countless other items while digging and planting their plants."

Bones being excavated from the Botanic Gardens new parking garage in Nov 2008.

Another Botanic Gardens story:

"During the late 1970s, I lived in an old apartment building near Cheesman Park and the Denver Botanic Gardens. At the time, the Gardens did not have a set entrance fee, but were accessible for a donation, so I went there often, usually in the late afternoons until closing. As a young woman alone, I did not like to walk in Cheeseman Park (being more concerned about muggers than ghosts) but I felt safe in the Gardens. I had heard stories that the Gardens had at one time been part of a cemetery, but did not think much about it, until the year the Japanese garden was built.

On a rather chill, rainy day in the fall of 1978, I went to see the progress on this, and saw a small marble headstone, like a child's headstone, lying on a pile of dirt where the lake for the Japanese garden was being dug. There was a carved figure of a reclining lamb on top of the stone, freshly chipped from the digging. The name was too weathered to read, but the date of death was in 188(?), aged 3 years and a few months (if I recall correctly.) I'd been walking in the rose garden section of the Gardens earlier, as there were a few late roses still blooming, and had found a small white rose that someone, perhaps a child, had picked and thrown down. I‚d picked it up and was carrying it, and on an impulse I laid it by the little headstone with a blessing, and presently went home.

I woke the next morning about dawn to find a single, very fresh rose petal on my pillow a couple of inches from my face. It was a real, physical rose petal, not white, but a sort of deep pink color, and small, as if from an old-fashioned rose rather than a hybrid tea-rose. I picked it up, and could feel and smell it. I said, „thank you, and laid it gently on the night stand while I went into the bathroom, and then to the kitchen to put the kettle on. When I came back to the bedroom, thinking that I would press the petal in a book, the petal was gone. I would have wondered if perhaps my cat had taken it, but he‚d been with me in the bathroom, then ran to the kitchen for breakfast, and stayed there eating while I went back in the bedroom. I could find no trace of the petal, but there was still a faint lingering scent of rose on my pillow. I think perhaps someone left it for me in return for the white rose. As to why it should vanish once I'd seen it, I have no idea."

Rowen G.

I hope you guys enjoyed these stories!! Being that I live about 5 blocks away from Cheesman Park I have always found its history really engrossing. I have never personally experienced anything and I have always found the park to be really beautiful and tranquil. Maybe the spirits are at rest now, knowing that it is so loved by so many people? Or maybe I just havent caught one on a bad day yet! Lets hope that I never do!!


  1. Ooh loving these spooky posts! Keep em' coming!

  2. These were great! Ghost stories are the best :)


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