Monday, October 4, 2010

October Spookfest-Croke-Patterson Mansion

A few years back I went with my friend Emma to look at apartments. We toured one in Capital Hill and as we were talking to the landlord he mentioned that there was a ghost and that he thought it traveled over from the haunted mansion next door. He said that weird things happened and that they had seen and heard a little girl playing in the hallway, even though no children lived in the building. You can imagine what was going through our minds when he told us this. Emma was spooked and decided not to rent there. I was curious and decided to research the history of the mansion. Here is what I found.

The following is taken directly from Legends of America.

"Croke Patterson Mansion - Built in 1890 by Thomas B. Croke, this sandstone residence was one of the country’s most elegant homes. Now serving as an office building, it is also said to be one of the most haunted.

According to the legend Thomas B. Croke, only entered the palatial mansion one time and was so emotionally shaken by "whatever” was there, that he never returned. Just two years later it was sold to Thomas M. Patterson, who’s family kept the home for several decades. Over the next several years, the building served many purposes, including a dance studio, a radio station, and a boarding house before it was converted to an office building. During the renovation to office space in the 1970’s, construction crews began to experience a number of strange occurrences.

After a long days work, they would often return the next day to find that the tasks they had completed the day before had been "undone.” After this had occurred several times, guard dogs were left to protect the property from what the workmen thought might be intruders. However, the next day they found the two Doberman Pinschers dead on the sidewalk after having apparently jumped from a third-story window. Once the renovation to office building was complete, employees almost immediately began to notice equipment, such as typewriters, copy machines, and telephone that mysteriously began to operate by themselves.

Historical plaque. You gotta love that it looks like a headstone!

When a séance was held to determine who was haunting the building, they found it to be the spirit of a little girl whose body was supposedly entombed in the cellar. However, when the basement was excavated, they found a hidden chamber was found, filled with sea sand, but no remains of a little girl.

A ghostly image has often been sighted gliding up and down the main floor stairway and otherworldly voices have been heard here as well. Thomas Patterson, former owner of the home, is said to have been spied numerous times in the courtyard between the mansion and the carriage house.

When the building still served as an apartment building, occupants on the lower levels were known to complain about wild parties taking place on the third level. But, when these parties were investigated, they would be met with only silent emptiness."

The mansion today. To the left is the apartment building we looked at. As you can see in the original photo there used to be a home there. The apartment building was constructed sometime in the middle of the century, probably the 60s.


  1. A home my family lived in from 2002 to 2004 was haunted. I never saw anything but it would steal things of mine and not return them to where I left them (where I found they were missing) until I asked nicely and explained how important it was. It also used to play with the kids electronic toys, making car engines rev right in front of my husband and I. Once when we were discussing the ghost and it's love for the toys, it made it's favorite car roll 6 inches on a flat surface. I kind of miss it!

  2. Awesome! I am always looking for information on Haunted Denver. Rob and I stayed at the Brown Palace the weekend after we got married and a big part of our motivation was to try to see a ghost. No such luck, but I may need to take time to this building!

  3. Kim-I have never seen a ghost and I think I would preobably freak if I did. My sister swears she saw our grandfather shortly after he died, and my parents used to work at an Italian restraunt where she saw and heard a ghost quite freguently.

    Nicole-you should stay at the Stanley Hotel in Estes park. I hear that ones really haunted. It must be to have inspired Stephen Kings The Shining!!

  4. I still remember waking up and seeing our grandfather sitting on my bed. He had his pipe in his mouth, his legs were crossed and he was just starring at me. I always wished he would visit again! I remember feeling very at peace and totally comfortable, I was almost shocked in the morning when he wasn't there.

  5. I love this series of posts! Keep 'em coming.xx.

  6. This story was even spookier then the last ones you posted, yay! I live in a super old house, I'm surprised there aren't any ghost stories about it

  7. Amy-do you remember the seance we did with Heather and her friend?? That freaked me out so bad!! I just remember turning on the Christian channel to scare away the evil spirits. Eeeek!!

    Kitty & Betty-I'm glad everyone is enjoying them! I'm working on getting some more things put together.

  8. I totally forgot about the seance! That was funny. Did I tell you the time James & I were looking at buying land in the east mountains - we got to this property, I got out of the car and was instantly spooked. I got back in the car and told James, no way! He went ahead and walked around and checked it out. When he got back to the car we drove around the other side of the land and there was a very old cemetary right there on the land. I knew instantly that it was haunted! Amy

  9. I havent done a seance since but I have played with a Ouiji board. Its freaky! I dont want to bring home any ghosts! Did James think you were crazy? I'd love to live near Cheesman Park here but that whole area was a cemetary and there are still bodies there. No thanks! I think I'll look around City Park instead!!


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