Thursday, October 7, 2010

October Spookfest-A Bit of Comedy

Halloween isnt just about celebrating all things spooky. Its also about dressing your pets up in ridiculous costumes:

I really want to know how they got their cat into this thing!

So cute!

This ones just wrong on so many levels...

I love this one!!


I think I need to get this costume for Pachuca!

Animals in costumes make me laugh. Which makes me wonder why I have yet to dress up Pachuca??? Have you guys ever forced your pets into ridiculous costumes?


  1. I found a black and white striped T-shirt for my Chihuahua, Buddy, and Buddy has spots that cover his eyes (that's why I named him Buddy, after Buddy Holly). I dressed him up and took a photo, sent it to one of the members of the band "Jailbreak" who wear striped shirts and bandit masks when they play. I told them he was the newest member of Jailbreak.

  2. OH MY GOD!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA thank you for posting these! I need to get my little Lulu the Taco suit. The scuba cat is insane! I could not imagine squeezing a cat into that.

  3. I love pet costumes!!! That scuba cat one is hilarious!!

  4. I love the sushi one. haha HOW CUTE!


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