Tuesday, October 19, 2010

I'm Back!!

And I'm exhausted. We got in really late last night and I barely slept and now I'm at work. I will have a better update of the Rhythm Rocker soon but for now I will just share my purchases with you.

A hat $15

Satiny floral dress $25

Pink cocktail dress $30

Waltah Clark sarong dress $165 (ouch)

I bought a repro dress! I never buy these but I just loved this one!! I got it from My Baby Jo and they come in other colors. They aren't on the website yet though.

All of these I got on Ebay.

Vintage wave clips $3.75

Forever 21 cardigan $2.31
Alphabet themed skirt $14.99


  1. How did I end up spending more than you? he he. Did you make it to 4th Street? Thats where I bought 75% of my stuff. I need to do a post on it too, but I am sooooo tired as well. Great to see you again!



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