Friday, October 1, 2010

I Just HAD To!!!

Well ladies, I did it. I have been drooling over this coat since it first appeared on Modcloth and have included it in more than one post, so I finally bought it! They had already sold out of size medium so I was worried they'd sell out of the smalls too, so I went ahead and got it even though I should be saving my money for CA.

Oh I just love it!!!!

I havent gotten it in the mail yet so I'm really hoping it fits ok. I'm hoping to accessorize with purple gloves and scarf, and sometimes maybe cream. I think those colors will work best.


I also got this little bucket style hat from Ebay for really cheap.

Ok, no more shopping for winter items until it dips below 75 degrees!!


  1. Beautiful coat! Love that color!

  2. Gorgeous coat! Glad you got it!

  3. I have a similarly colored green coat that I have never regretted spending the $$$$ on. It's lasted so many seasons and still looks amazing!
    How about fuchsia accessories? Echo makes the most adorable ruffled gloves (they've changed a bit since I bought mine last season, but still super cute).
    Love the Halloween theme btw!!


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