Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Wannabe Domestic Diva

My long weekend was spent cleaning and cooking mostly. I am not a fancy cook or anything but I can make anything from a recipe. And the stuff that was handed down to me from my mom and grandma don't require measurments or timers. I just know when they are right. On sunday I made enchilada casserole, which was a staple of my childhood. My family is from the south (West Virginia) but my mom moved to New Mexico when she was a teenager. This allowed an odd mixing of southern and New Mexican foods. New Mexican food is very different than Mexican food and I am always trying to mix it in to Oscars diet. He was a bit wary of the idea of an enchilada casserole, but once he tried it he was hooked! Good thing because we have tons of leftovers!

Since I was in a domestic mood I also made a cake. I am not a very skilled baker so most of my cakes come from a box. I fancied it up with strawberries though to give it that home made touch!

Holly Homemaker


  1. Check you! The cake looks awesome!

  2. Thanks! I brought some for lunch today but I think it got a bit smooshed on the bus :-(

  3. I'm impressed with the cake, I'm like you not a demon in the kitchen but my food always tastes good and I can follow a recipe easily!

    Enchilada casserole sounds intriguing!

  4. That cake looks yummy! I'm pretty good at baking but they always look rather awful (but taste great). ;] I'm also intrigued by the casserole. Hehe.
    -Andi x

  5. Maybe I will do a post for the casserole recipe. Its one of those things that doesnt look fabulous but it sure does taste great! I've been eating it all week!!

  6. Mmmmmmmmm enchiladas.........


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