Thursday, September 16, 2010

Upcoming Shows

There are some great shows coming up here in Denver and none of them are Rockabilly! The horror, I know, but I will have my temporary fill of it when I'm in LA. I am not a big 'show' person. I am really short and can never see the band, unless I stand in front but then I get run into and shoved around. Plus, I hate pot and I swear there are stoners at every concert I go to! So, I only try to go to shows when I really love the band. These three bands are definately ones that I love and I have been looking forward to them for a while now.

I love me some soul and Sharon Jones does it right! I need to find someone to go with me though as Oscar has to work. I have never seen her live but I hear she's amazing and I really don't want to miss her! 

These guys are more of an experience than a show. They are like a circus sideshow, featuring hobos, belly dancers, sword swallowers, burlesque dancers, and everything else you can think of. They are also a band who's music is really cool! I saw them on Halloween a few years back and was blown away! I can not wait to see them again!!

October 25-Interpol

Oh how I love Interpol. There is just something about their music that calms me. I saw them the last time they were here and they are amazing live. They are definitely different than what you'd expect me to listen to (Oscar hates them!) but I listen to lots of different music and this band takes me back to my early 20s when I was slightly goth. Plus, they are just a damn good band.


  1. Oh, I love Sharon Jones! I walked into a record store a couple of years ago & they were playing 100 Days, 100 Nights & it just blew me away. I bought the CD on the spot & have been listening to it regularly ever since. I think I'll go out tonight & get her new one.

  2. My, my, how I LOVE me some Interpol as well. Never seeing them before but anticipating Oct to come around bc I'll be seeing them for the first time. Sooo excited!

  3. I know none of these guys but I can totally relate to being short and not seeing the show, it's horrible isn't it. If I wanted to see someone at early Hemsbys, I used to go to the front of the stage about an hour before they were due on, then fortunately I knew a couple of the security guys as I used to get squashed like hell, they were always checking if I was ok!!

    It sucks being short sometimes!

  4. Sharon Jones IS amazing live. She kicks off her shoes and throws herself around the stage, all the while singing her butt off. The Dap Kings are the perfect backing band (shame on Amy Winehouse for appropriating them away from her for ANY amount of time!).

    I liked Sharon Jones & the Dap Kings so much I bought all of their records on vinyl, which to me signifies that she is a part of my permanent collection.

  5. Sharon Jones & the Dap Kings are amazing! I saw them a couple of years back when they were in Australia. Sassy!

  6. Oh, gosh, I'm not much of a show person, either! I'm also short and always get some tall person standing in front of me =\ (or, once, behind me so he could look down my top!!) and I get bored waiting around in between lol So, I also only go to stuff I really love. =D
    -Andi x
    PS I love Interpol, too! Have seen them twice, I think.


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