Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Outfits and Stuff

Here are my outfits from the weekend and a couple things I bought.

This is what I wore to Bastiens.
Vintage Hawaiian dress-Flea Market in San Francisco.
Miss L Fire-Lolas
Cardigan-Charlotte Russe

On saturday we went antiquing, but somehow managed not to buy anything!

Blue blouse-thrifted
Vintage skirt-Buffalo Exchange
This is a new outfit for me and I really liked it!

Heres just a silly picture at lunch. We went to US Thai which is my absolute fave!!

On sunday we went to a flea market. I didn't take a picture of my outfit but here is what I bought.

Black velvet wedges with a cute little bow on the toe for only $7. They aren't vintage though. Originally from Target, but they were brand new.

And heres my latest Ebay purchase.

The description was a little weird. They called it everything under the sun so I have no idea what I'm getting. But for only $11 I don't really care. Its carved and a nice color and thats all I really want!


  1. Adorable!...as always...cute purse too!


  2. very cute outfits and I love the bracelet!

  3. You are just too adorable, as usual!

  4. Really cute outfits! (cute dog too! :P )

  5. Your looks are great as always! I love the dress in the first picture! The hair is lovely too! You find the cutest things, especially shoes!

  6. Thanks ladies! I always have luck with shoes because I wear a teeny size. I'm supposed to be on a 'no shoes' diet but it doesnt ever work!!

  7. So I got the bangle in and it is definately not bakelite. I'm not too sure what it is but I like it just the same. Its a pretty color and the carving on it is really cool. Works for me!!


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