Thursday, September 30, 2010

October Spookfest

You may notice that I have a new Halloween themed banner and layout. I love Halloween and all things spooky!!! I have a big interest in ghosts and hauntings and strange things so I've decided that I'm going to share some of them with you guys this month. There will be some ghosts stories and photos, Vampires and witches, Horror Movies, weird Colorado History, and whatever else strikes my fancy. I will of course keep up with all my vintage and outfit posts as well. I hope that you guys enjoy this and feel free to post any cool stories that you may have as well.

First, I thought I'd share a couple pictures of my most recent Halloween costumes.

This was a couple years ago at the Devotchka/Yard Dogs Road Show concert. I was a Go Go Spacegirl and Emma was a fairy.

A closeup of my costume.

Last year Oscar was the Devil and I was a wind up doll. I didnt get a picture of it but I made a winder that I wore on my back. I really liked this costume!

Some close up shots. I wore teal eyeshadow on my eyes. It was fun!!

This year I was thinking about being Miss Argentina from Beetljuice.

How cool is she??? The sad thing is that I don't really know that I will even dress up this year because Oscar is working on that saturday. I may just carve pumpkins and watch horror movies. I never get trick or treaters, which is sad.  We shall see though!

So what about you guys? I wanna see some of your past costumes. What are your plans for this Halloween? Will you be dressing up or handing out candy?? Do you carve pumpkins too?? Tell me all about it!!


  1. Both of your previous costumes were great. I REALLY loved the wind up doll, you did such a awsome job on it.
    I love pumpkin carving also. But I am a tad odd in the way that I always leave a pumpkin uncarved. I don't know why I just think pumpkins are so darn cute.

  2. Last year I was a retro space girl. It was so much fun. I dont know what I will be this year, as I will be spending most of my money at Rhythm Rocker. I want to be carmen miranda! Anyhoo...see you soon!


  3. Love your costumes! Halloween always sneaks up on me! I've got to get busy ;-)

  4. I love those! I'm going to be Mary Poppins this year. I usually go all out for Halloween, so there's always a costume, pumpkin carving, watching scary movies, baking halloween cookies, everything and everything :)

  5. P.S. I'm not sure if this will work bc of my facebook privacy settings, but this was my costume last year...Cruella

  6. I love the costumes!! The go go space girl look is awesome! Halloween is my favorite time of the year! Even though I am vintage, I love the darker elements too. I love goth and darkwave music, I collect black cat and bat stuff, I am fascinated with Dia de Los Muertos and the Macabre, and Vampira is one of my favorite icons! Plan 9 from Outer Space is pure fun!

    And, I also love Halloween for the CANDY! The mini-Twix and Snickers are the best! lol!

    One year for Halloween, I did a goth-esque, film noir femme fatale look. I wore a 50s, fitted black cocktail dress, a black vintage pillbox hat with fishnet mesh, and I did deep purple-black lips (MAC lipstick in Cyber) and black nails. I also wore black, back seamed fishnets and a pair of Pleaser black patent stilettos.

    Last year, I was going to be Barbarella and I even got a big, layered blond wig but the party the husband and I were going to got cancelled. We just went out to dinner and cocktails and went home.

    This year if we get to go to a party, I want to do Bride of Frankenstein with one of my pairs of Demonia platform knee-high boots and one of my Lip Service minis. All I need is patent corset, a wig, and the right makeup!

  7. I did an angel of death one year, which was a lot of fun. I've also been a flapper a bunch of times. And a hula girl. I've always wanted to do the Bride of Frankenstein. She's just soo hot!! Even though I dont always get to celebrate it I love Halloween! I love horror movies (and the real stuff of course) and once fall comes around I just immerse myself in all of it. Its all just so much fun!

  8. I love how much you guys in the US do Halloween, it's not a huge event here in the UK, but it's getting bigger. I don't much like it only cos it's my birthday on the 30th and now there is nothing but Halloween events to go to, and I like to be glam on my birthday :o(

    I love your costumes though and I love all the decorating it's fabulous!

  9. I LOVE Halloween!!! It's my favorite holiday by far. I will ALWAYS dress up! :)
    We are thinking about doing Luke Skywalker (London), Princess Leia (Lyla), Darth Vadar for Nathan and Queen Amidala for me. Or Padme, whatever her name is. I like that Luke and Leia are twins.
    I don't know for sure though, I still want to go try on some things.
    I can't wait to go to haunted houses again, and the McCalls pumpkin patch. Soooo fun!!
    I like your Beetlejuice idea!

  10. The Star Wars theme would be so cute!!! You should get pictures taken of it for sure! But I'm surprised that Nathan won't be doing his Spiderman costume. I thought he did that every year??? lol!

  11. cute wind up doll costume!
    hey.. Im actually gonna be Miss Argentina too! I figured since I currently have pink hair, why not use it for my costume.. & then I thought Miss Argentina would work. My husband will be Beetlejuice.. we like to do couples costumes from time to time. =)

  12. Straight Talking Mama-You can still do glam! You can be a pin up girl, a flapper, or a film noir vixen. It doesnt always have to be gory! Thats the great thing about Halloween!

    Vivi.Deluxxxe-Beetlejuice was on again the other night and while we were watching it we thought that almost anyone in that movie would make a great costume. I just love Miss Argentina!!! If I can find what I want for it I will dress up as her. If not, I don't know what I'm gonna do!!


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