Monday, September 13, 2010

Carnage on Larimer

On saturday I went to the Carnage on Larimer car show for a bit. Here are a few pictures.

I brought Pachuca with me and she had a great time!

Pachuca with my friend Beth.

Oscar bought a portable record player at the Mod show and he finally got to use it. It actually works really well!!


  1. OMG I love how you styled your hair in the first pic. Did u pin your bangs back? Kinda hard to tell from the angle. Tutorial plzzz.
    Oh and im from LA and will prob be attending the Rhythm and Rocker show as well.

  2. Great look in the first photo! Your dress is super cute and the hair is glorious! The cars look neato too!

  3. Thanks! As for my hair--its actually day old hair that I didnt wash. My bangs are in a roll and the rest is just held back with a scarf. Its my lazy day hairdo of late. Lol!!


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