Friday, September 3, 2010

A Bad Day=Bad For My Wallet But Good For My Closet

I had a bad day at work on wednesday. Really bad. So to make it all better I bought a few things. I don't drink my sorrows away, I shop them away.

From Forever 21:

Red and white polka dot blouse $19.80. I'm wearing this today tucked into a high waist skirt.

Knitted sweater $24.80. Theres a little zipper at the neck and in person it looks really vintage.

From Etsy:
Gingham day dress $35.00 I bought this from Decodoll on Etsy the second she posted it! I think it will be good in the fall layered with stockings and a sweater.

From Ross:
Leopard jacket $20. I'm pretty sure I needed this. Everyone says 'don't you already own something just like that?' No. But now I do. This isn't the exact one I bought, but its pretty darned close. The lining on mine is red.

See? I feel all better now!!


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