Wednesday, September 8, 2010


I want this coat from Mod Cloth sooooooo bad!!!

But I don't have $130 to spend on a coat right now!

Isn't it freaking adorable!!!!! It kills me :-(


  1. such a cute coat and doesnt look long..always have trouble finding the perfect coat cause of the lengh cause i am a shorty,lol

  2. Try doing a search for a coupon code? I used one I found on recently, but it looks like they don't have any Mod Cloth codes anymore. Even a small discount usually sways me to purchase!

  3. I really want it but I know by the time I can afford it it will be gone. Modcloth always sells out of their stuff so fast!! But it would be the perfect coat for winter!!!

  4. I freaking love ModCloth!! I have like 40 items on my wishlist.
    Maybe if we win the lottery!!


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