Friday, August 6, 2010

Shoe Love

So I received my Miss L Fire Lola shoes in the mail today and I wanted to review them for you. Just to refresh your memory:

I must say that these are even better in person!! I can't get over how beautiful they are. And comfy!! I've only worn them around the office a bit (I had to show them off to everyone, of course) but I can tell they are going to be really easy to wear. They are a little big in the toe (they are a size 6 and I am a 5 1/2) but its nothing a little moleskin won't help. Even without it they will be ok. I am going to a big show tomorrow and I will have to find something that go with these shoes!!

On a sad note--the sailor shorts are too small!!!! Stop Starings website lists them as being 2 inches bigger in the waist and hip than they actually are. So annoying!! I bought them on Ebay and the seller accepts exchanges so hopefully I can just get the next size up. I will keep you all updated.


  1. I am so glad the shoes worked out! They look amazing! I am sad the shorts were too small. Stop Staring can be a bit wacky with their sizes. I once bought a red, wool-stretch blend, high-waisted pencil skirt from Baby Girl Boutique. According to the Stop Staring chart featured, I was a medium. Well, when I got the medium, it was so small in the waist I felt like my 14 year old niece couldn't even fit into it! I exchanged it for a large and it was way too big! I ended up just getting a red cotton pencil skirt from Heartbreaker Fashion and the small was perfect.

    Anyway, that is cool that the seller takes exchanges! I hope the other size works out better!

    Speaking of clothes, I got my purple floral dress yesterday and I looooooooooove it! It fits me perfectly! I restitched the collar and gave it a little ironing on low and presto, gorgeous! Thank you so much!


  2. Yay!!! I'm so happy you love the dress!! My bestest friend E gave it me and it just didn't fit me. I'm glad it went to a good home!

    When I pulled the shorts out of the wrapping I was like "these are freakin TINY!" I tried them on though and yes, they were tiny. The seller is going to let me exchange for a medium. Hopefully those fit ok. If not I shall be selling them on Ebay I guess!!

    And the shoes...if I could marry a pair of shoes it would be Lola!! That should've been the title of my post ;-)

  3. Yes, the dress is amazing! As for the shorts, I think the next pair will be better. I can squeeze into some small sized items from Stop Staring but I ma mostly a medium. I have a big booty and 34 c boobs. My waist is 27 so some dresses I can wear small but the skirts; forget about it. Especially if it is a pencil skirt! My poor butt looks hideous! Vintage clothing is so much more flattering on me. The waists were smaller but the booty had room!

  4. The shoes are cute, nice to know they are comfy too!

  5. So pleased they are so comfy! That's something I love about L Fire shoes ;) x


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