Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Saint's Tropics

Denver has a ton of great archectural styles. Mid century modern, Art Deco, and usonian are just a few that you see everywhere. There are also some great sites that give virtual tours of Denvers past and present. They feature newspaper clippings from the 40s-60s, old photography, videos, and current pictures of what the buildings look like today (if they are still around). While perusing one of them I came across a great show club (ie: strip club) that was really popular during the 50s and 60s. It was called The Tropics.

How cool is it that picture of the building is painted onto the match sticks?

Thats one hell of a lineup!!

This comment was taken from the website ModMidMod:

“The sign said The Saint’s Tropics… inside there were hourly thunder storm sounds. Front doors were hand-carved wood to look like tiki faces.The upper eating areas were around the outside of the main dance floor… take 2 small steps up to the eating area that had hollow banisters in front… and hidden water tub supplied water… and it would fall into the hallow banisters with lights flashing at the ends, so you could see the water coming down and the thunder sounds. A very large tree branch was on the ceiling with moss on it and little twinkling white lights hidden here and there. The dancer’s floor was hydraulic and could be lifted up for shows (!!!). A big bird cage came down out of the ceiling above the dance floor for special shows and persons.
There were tiki masks on the back walls that had black lights on them. There was a small lighted alligator pit in one back corner of the club. The chairs had animal skin prints on them. And the girls that worked there had animal-skin print-bikini suits with one shoulder strap.

Many, many headliners in music, comedy and dancers…etc.

It was a Very Cool Place and a bit ahead of it’s time inside and out…!”

Comment by Wasthere

The girl second from right looks like Bernie Dexter to me.

Is that a Tiki bar in the corner?!

Another cool match book.

The building is still there but of course it looks like this:

Way to take a really cool looking building and strip it of all its style!! Now it looks like a really shady club you'd never want to go to. I bet the interior is just as bland and dirty. I did, however, read somewhere that the hydraulic stage is still there :-)

Here are the websites I got all this from:
The Denver Eye
Tiki Room


  1. That line up is AMAZING. Such a shame treasures like that were not appreciated.

  2. This post is really interesting and quite fun! However, it is a shame that the building is just a dirty remnant of its former glory.

    As for Denver and the surrounding areas, I have been down Colfax, especially in Lakewood, and the older style places are just so run down. What a shame.

    Yet this post reminds me be more of a history buff. I think remembering and honoring certain elements from the past are a great way we can celebrate days long ago.


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