Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Outfit Post

I haven't done one of these in a while so I thought I'd put a few together from my weekend. I have a more proper post to do about an amusement park we went to on saturday, and will work on that shortly.

This isn't a great photo. This was me at work on friday. I attempted to curl my hair but it didn't work very well.

This was later friday night at the Beauty Bar with my wifey Cakes. She's so hot and I always feel really shabby standing next to her.
Dress-Antiques & Things in 'burque

And this was at a car show on saturday. My hair is just pinned ito messy curls and wrapped with a bandana.
Wrap top-Wet Seal
Shorts-Repro Ebay

Nothing too exciting lately. With Oscar being sick for the last month we hadn't done anything. In fact, friday night at the Beauty Bar was our first night out since Albuquerque. I haven't been able to wear anything creative to work either because we have an investor here and have to dress 'professional'. Gag. This weekend though we are going to a big show in Colorado Springs so I will have some pictures from that. I still haven't decided what to wear!


  1. Love your dress in pic 2. Your half sleeve of flowers looks great with it :)

  2. I'll be at the show in Colorado Spring as well! I'm a vendor :) It'll be nice to see a recognizable face as I love reading your blog!


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