Monday, August 30, 2010

Mod Show Goodies

Even though I didnt get to shop as much as I would've liked I did manage to walk away with some amazing stuff!!

50s dress $20.
The color is closer to green. I hardly have any dresses with sleeves so this is a good addition.

40s Rayon shorts $40. How friggin cool are these???

Bakelite bangles $90. The green one is such a unique color and I needed more brown.

Bakelite spacers Oscar bought me $45.

Confetti lucite purse $100. I HAD to have this the second I saw it!!


Oscar bought some Franciscan to add to our collection.
$180 for all of them. Franciscan is expensive and these are really rare pieces.

I also bought a pair of shorts from my friend Karen and she gave me a dress.



And last but not least I won a hat on Ebay.



  1. Great finds. I love that purse! Lucky girl!


  2. Awesome finds! Very jealous of that purse...

  3. $100 for the confetti lucite! OMG...we have one for $225 at the store I work at!

  4. Beautiful lucite box! And I love your tablewear. I have looked before and you just can't get it in the UK, boo hoo!

  5. lots of lovelies! Those green spacers are so cool! I love the shape. I think the rayon 40's shorts are my fav!

  6. Everything you got is AMAZING!! I especially love the bakelite and the Francisan dishes! I would LOVE to have a set of that starburst ware, but wow, it is super steep! I have been eyeballing a few bits of it on Etsy. I love that pattern!

  7. Yeah I couldnt pass up the purse. Its in great condition too! It was marked $125 but she gave it to me for $100. As for the Franciscan--it is definitely pricey! We are in desperate need of a proper china cabinet to display it all. Whenever we move to a bigger place that will be one of the first things on our list. Its such a waste to not display it all!!

  8. That is some really awesome shopping. Love the bakelite bangles.


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