Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Mad Men Party

The Modernism show had events all weekend including a home tour of the amazing Arapahoe Acres, which I will do a proper post about later. But I wanted to show you what I wore:
I wore my homemade (not by me) 40s jumper. We got a lot of 'are you guys in the fashion show' remarks. Ugh.

Anyways, that evening there was a Mad Men themed party which we went to. Oscar did a great job of dressing just like Don Draper, wearing his grey 60s suit. I wore a 60s dress but my hair was a bit more 40s:

I got this dress at a thrift store for $3!! The shoes too!

Our friends Mike and Karen were the only ones that danced.

Me and Karen with Charles Phoenix. He is a character!!

There was a 'weird foods of the 60s' contest. This concoction won. You roasted the weenies over the flame in the middle. I did not partake.

Some of the other guests along with Miss Modernism Jamie.

At the end of the night they decided the winners of the 'best Mad Men themed outfits' and can you guess who won??

Holly and Oscar!! Booyah!! I'm sure Oscar got extra points for bringing the Polaroid, and actually taking pictures with it. They are all over our fridge.


  1. How fun! Now I want to throw a Mad Men themed party. I love Charles Phoenix, he is a hoot. He makes a cocktail party appitizer for Christmas that looks like an atomic christmas tree. I think it also involves cocktail weenies. ha ha.

    Great post!


  2. Oh! Also....

    I do a mean Betty Draper. I would be all over that!

  3. $3 dress? Gimmie some of that shopping mojo! It's beautiful! Congrats on winning the Mad Men prize; Oscar reminds me a tiny bit of Salvatore!

  4. CONGRATS on winning you and Oscar looked great!

  5. As Kim said you do look fabulous and so does Oscar!

  6. You and Oscar look fabulous! Your dress and makeup are flawless as ever! Way to go for winning the prize! I am in LOVE with your dress by the way! Where did you find it?


  7. Thanks ladies! It was a really fun night!
    Dollie-I think if you ever dyed your hair red you could totally be Joan. You have those fabulous curves like she does!

    Miss Emmi-Lol! We kept joking all night that he was Sal instead of Don. Sal was always our favorite character.

    Betty-I bought it at a Salvation Army by my apartment. It was a really lucky find!

  8. wow. this looks amazing and like so much fun!
    I'm going to have to have one now!



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