Thursday, August 5, 2010

Lakeside Amusement Park

On saturday Oscar and I took the Caddy to a car show at Lakeside Amusement Park. We took this as the perfect opportunity to go back to this little gem of a park that is 102 years old. We went there about a year ago but its famous Cyclone roller coaster was not running, so we wanted to go back this year specifically to ride it. Most of the rides at Lakeside are really old, up to 90 years, which makes them even scarier.

The car show was a huge success! I believe this was the first time that a car show was held at Lakeside, and I hope they make it a yearly event.

Standing outside the closed
Lakeside Speedway.

This was the first ride we went on. I would say this coaster is one of the scariest I've ever been on! Built in 55 it features a 2 seater car that makes hairpin turns and super fast drops. It takes you out over the lake and you feel like you're going to tip over. It doesn't help that Oscar is screaming 'OMIGOD we're going die!!' every time it makes a turn. So scary.

Next was the Cyclone. I love wooden coasters and this is one of the best. Built in 1940 in the Art Deco style, this coaster is a classic and is featured on many sites and shows. Its not only nice to look at, its really fast!

Next was the bumper cars, or as its known here, Autoskooters.

One thing Lakeside is most known for are its Art Deco ticket booths. The park was renovated in the 40s by Richard Crowther. He did the ballroom as well. At night when the park is all lit up you can really see all the neon effects on the ticket booths.

The Whip is possibly Lakesides oldest rides. It was built in 1914 and is one of only a few left in the country.

Me standing in front of the Tower of Jewels.

Oscar in front of the College Inn.

Theres a great cafe that is all Art Deco. Its hard to see here, but this is an original marble soda fountain that used to be in Denvers Union Station.

Nect to the fountain is this Art Deco something or other. I want this in my house!!

The park features two miniature trains that go around the lake. The Zephyr is run on diesel, and the other one uses coal.

At night in front of the Satellite ride.

The view of the park at night. This is what you would see if you rode the train around the lake. This is the best time to visit Lakeside!

If you are ever in Denver you should really visit this park. Even if you aren't into rides its still a great place to see some amazing history!


  1. wow, i adore all the art deco!!! such a great period for sleek designs with fantastic angles and curves! *drool*

  2. My husband and I took our '63 Olds to that show! I also hope it becomes a yearly event.

    I didn't make it on any of the rides though, maybe next time!

  3. I had no idea! I normally just drive by this place on 70 W on the way to Breckenridge in the winter for skiing! I have always wondered what it was like inside but, wow, I really need to go! I love the Art Deco and the neon! Too cool! Thank you so much for sharing this!

  4. Wow, that place looks amazing!

  5. Great funfair architecture! You are very brave to go on the wooden roller coasters. We have them at a seaside resort near me called Blackpool but I hate them - they really rattle and shake you up!

  6. The rides are scary but thats what makes them fun. I've always loved roller coasters and I could on the Cyclone over and over again! I already want to go back!

  7. Hi! Just found your blog. You are too cute and I wanted to tell you that you are trippin' and look great in shorts! Like they say, "We are our own worst critic." ;-)

  8. Thanks Crafty Doll! I know I am my own worst critic. But I guess its better to be critical than think you are the hottest thing on earth. Its good to be humble!

  9. Haha, I totally agree. I was literally cracking up when I read " it's better to be critical than think you are the hottest thing on earth." We all know at least one person like that, lol. Nothing wrong with confidence, but I guess there is a fine line between that, and being over-confident! Anyways, keep rocking the shorts because you wear them well!

  10. Loved your site. Was looking for a picture of the clown over the funhouse that used to scare me so much! Was great seeing that and all the other stuff. I'd forgotten about a lot of the attractions a long time a go. We used to go on the boat rides and through the funhouse quite a bit!


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