Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Just Cuz Its Vintage Don't Mean Its Cute

I love vintage but I think it is safe to say that I do not love all vintage. There are some things that are just not my style. In fact I am really quite picky. I won't wear wool, I stay away from long sleeves, and vintage jeans are still iffy to me. I love 40s clothes but a lot of it looks frumpy or matronly on me. I'm not fond of polka dot bakelite or quilted circle skirts. Get the picture? Picky! Oscar is always yelling at me to broaden my horizons, but I know what looks good on my body so I stick with it. Plus, why would I listen to a guy that owns like 200 hawaiian shirts? Anyways, I thought that I would share with you a few things that are on my 'absolutely not' list.

1) 50s Cat suits

I will never wear one of these. IMO they are really unflattering on most body types. You have to have an AMAZING body to pull one of these off, and most of us don't. Plus, they just remind me of Peggy Bundy on Married With Children. Which doesn't make sense because I adore leopard print and red hair. Go figure!

2) Saddle shoes
I know a lot of you ladies out there love these, but they just aren't for me. I remember my sister having a pair in the 80s and I didnt like them then either. I really don't know why. Maybe its because they look like bowling shoes. Maybe its because I have an aversion to socks and will avoid wearing them at any cost. Or maybe I just don't like black and white on my feet at the same time. Whatever it is, I stay away from all two toned versions of these in any form.

3) Western Anything

I don't care if its cowboy boots, suede, or anything with fringe, I stear clear of it altogether. I despise western wear! Hell, I can barely stand western swing. I just don't get it. If its your thing than have at it! I will stick with my hawaiian print dresses and playsuits :-)

Please keep in mind that these are just my preferences. I know a LOT of what I wear other people wouldnt be caught dead in. Plus, my opinion is always changing. I used to think Pake Mu's were weird but I just bought one. A hell of a deal might change anyones mind! But now I want to hear from you guys. What vintage items do you stear clear of? Do you have any pet peeves when it comes to vintage styling? I want to know!!


  1. This is really an excellent post, Holly! You have a great way of infusing insight and humor!

    As for me, I will not wear drop-waist anything. I need to define my waist and drop waists can make me look thick. I have 34 c boobs and a big round booty so most drop waists and Asian cheongsam dresses look bad on me. I prefer a fit and flare style. Cinched waists are must haves for me.

    I think the cat suit would look great on a thin, tall gal but a 5'3 gal with a booty (me) would look hideous. I also feel this way about empire waists. If you are tall and supermodel thin, then go for it.

    I will not wear fur, even if it is vintage. It just creeps me out and makes me sad.

    I have two pairs of saddle shoes that are vintage. I love them when I wear my 40s rayon dresses or 50s style jeans. I wear them on "need a pedicure days" and "need a heel break days." I agree that some pairs can look like bowling shoes but with a pair of dark-rinse, rolled jeans, a sleek tight, black top, and tattoos showing, makes me feel like a 50s West Side story rumble queen. Give me a switchblade and some jazz hands! (Just kidding!)

    I also do not like vintage lucite or clear shoes. I know they were popular but I do not like them. The idea of seeing quishy toes through plastic wigs me out.

    I am not a fan of the western look either. Some guys can pull it off but I stay away from it. I am not into anything country, swing country, etc so wearing western wear would be out of place for my usual style.

    I used to hate anything shorts-oriented but since I lost 33 pounds almost 5 years ago, I will wear vintage shorts with halter tops and camp shirts on summer weekends and on vacation. I will never wear short shorts! Too skimpy and my butt would look bad and even bigger! lol!

  2. I totally agree about the drop waist thing! Us short gals need our torsos defined. I do like oriental dresses if they hug the curves though. Shift dresses are a no no. I like lucite shoes, but toes don't bother me. I am horrible about my nails though(toes and fingers) so I try not wear things that highlight them. I LOVE shorts! To me its just such a pin up look! But I hate my thighs so I prefer shorts that are more of a 40s cut. I do not, however, like shorts or playsuits on the dance floor or at night at a show. It is day wear dammit!

  3. Hey, I loved my saddle shoes! I don't know if I was ahead of my time or behind the times? I wonder if I can find them in a 7 1/2 now?
    Love you! Amy

  4. LOL. Okay, I am not a total western girl, but I like a little western hint! And I would totally sport a cat I'm lookin good in it! Catsuits only look amazing when if fits the person perfectly who is wearing it (super hard to do with vintage) and the person wearing that catsuit has to have some curves!

    I love 40's stuff so so much but unless it is hawaiian I feel like sometimes it looks more like a costume than it should on some girls!

    Want to know what I actually hate the most?! LOL. You ready for it? WEDGE SHOES. Oh my god. no way jose for me!! Unless that wedge has a 3-4inch heel on it, you can say no way for me! Its flats for dancing or stilettos for dressing!

  5. Lol! There were lots of things in the 80s we loved. Moccasins, big bangs, acid wash jeans. I don't want to wear any of them again! Its just so funny that I have such a vivid memory of your saddle shoes and that even then I remember not liking them. Ha ha!! Love you too!

  6. Holly,

    I totally agree about shift dresses! I look like a woman in a sac! I also prefer the 40s shorts and yes, shorts and playsuits are daytime wear! If I am going to go out, I am gonna be decked out! Crinolines, party dresses, pretty shoes, and jewelry are a must! I will keep the rompers and playsuits for the BBQ or picnic. Nighttime should be time to shine!

    I have been lazy with my nails lazy and tonight I am giving myself a needed mani/pedi. I even do my nails, especially my toes, in the winter. If I want to wear my platforms, I have to have pedicured feet. For some reason, feet freak me out. The husband will sometimes put his bare feet on me when we are on the couch and I will cringe a little and he gets his feelings hurt. lol! I feel so bad! But if he is wearing socks, then I am ok. My sister is the same way.

  7. Lola- that is so funny that you hate wedges!! I can't dance in anything else so I love them. But a sexy springolator is way, way hotter than a wedge. I'll definitely give you that. And I have a feeling you could pull off the cat suit. I saw you in that tight green dress at Viva. Hot mama!! Talk about huggin curves!!

  8. Betty-I wish someone could cure me of my nail biting habit. I pick at them til they bleed! Its horrible and not very lady like. But I guess we all have our bad habits. That ones mine I guess. I really should just go get a manicure and start from there, but the last time I did that I got yelled at for my horrible cuticles. And it was my friend Tina's parents salon! It was her dad!!! Yikes!

  9. When I was younger, I bit my nails bad! My mom tried everything! Even that bitter liquid stuff! But when I was 14, I saw a nail polish how-to in Teen Magazine and I was instantly inspired to grow my nails so I could paint them. I thought the boys would come-a-runnin' but alas, I was wrong! lol! Yet, I learned to love my nails. When I studied art in high school and college, it was hard keeping my nails up because of all the paint, turpentine, clay, metal, and chemicals in general. Whenever I painted my nails, they would get ruined by art work or the constant hand washing.

    I used to have acrylic and gel nails but they were too expensive and after a while, I thought they were too over the top for me. I had them taken off and now I just keep them super short and painted red.

    As for vintage, I prefer red most of the time. If I am doing a dark event or VNV show, I will do a dark purple black. I recently fell in love with Butter London polish (I tried it on at the Dulles Airport's mini Butter salon) but there is no way I can justify paying 18 bucks for polish! The shades are amazing but until the polish can make me shoot diamonds from my hands and magically keep the calories off, then forget it!

  10. OK, I am with you on the saddle shoes. I'd rather wear converse if I need closed toe shoes with jeans and I can't imagine wearing anything except heels or wedges (sorry Lola!) with a dress or skirt...except maybe cowboy boots (sorry Holly!) with a squaw dress or mexican circle skirt.

    I will not wear shorts, or any skirt above my knee, no matter how flirty and forties it may be. I have 43 year old lets, and lost 65 pounds. My legs look old, tired and lumpy. I also won't wear a bathing suit without a skirt or empress waist (it makes me look pregnant). I LOVE dropped waist because I'm tall and it actually hides the fact that I have out of proportional larger hips, while it accentuates my hourglass shape. I am starting to realize that a square neckline doesn't work for me and makes my breasts look smaller.

    It's important to know what styles look good on you and like Lola said, the fit is the most important thing about looking good in vintage anything! Great post Holly!

  11. that's "43 year old legs," not "lets"

  12. I have a small top and a bigger bottom so its fit n flare all the way for me. No shorts either as I dont like my thighs! I do like high waist skirts and jeans though, I think they can be quite flattering with wedges and a fitted top.
    I dont really wear heels, cant walk in them. Wedges are great though!
    Not keen on florals - apart from hawaiian florals - and hate lace, and neutral tones. Floral beige lace is the worst!!

  13. I agree with you ladies although I do love Western style when Golden Girl of the West does it...but that girl could wear a sack and look amazing!
    I haven't tried saddle shoes but I feel like they'd make me look short and stumpy.
    LOL about the Peggy Bundy cat suit! I remember in the early 90's, my mom was really into heard rock and metal bands. She rocked a cat suit like no one else with her big hair and earrings made from melted records!

  14. Thank god we don't all have the same likes and dislikes- could you imagine the bidding wars on ebay?

  15. I love this post as I have my vintage dislikes too but yes as phenolicfanatic says thank goodness we all like different things.
    Personally I don't like drop waste dresses either, saddle shoes, poodle shirts or stirrup capri pants (yuck)).
    However I do love Hawaiian, leopard print and yes Western!! I do agree about the catsuits though. Some girls just ain't got the goods to put in them but if you are confident go for it. I also dislike when girls squeeze into vintage just because its vintage when it clearly does not fit. If its hanging out its not for you!!

  16. I have my vintage likes and dislikes too! I never wore saddle shoes for years until I had my business and starting doing events, believe me ladies, saddles shoes are great when you have been setting a stall up for 8 hours!

    I hate 50's catsuits too, but I have a friend who looks AMAZING in them damn her! We're all aged, she hasn't!

    I agree it's just as well we don't have all the same tastes, but then we don't have all the same figures, so it's all good!

  17. I don't care for saddle shoes either. They are not cute, IMO.
    Also I don't like the way cheongsam dresses look on me at all. The fit is always off. I have big hips, and they just don't seem to fit right.
    I used to hate wiggle dresses, until I decided to embrace my booty, lol, and now I love them!
    I don't really like the pake mu's either, but I guess that could change!
    The only western item I own is a super cute apron. And the only reason I own that is because my mother-in-law bought it for me.
    One thing I really, really, don't like is the 50's style jeans. I think they are sooooo ugly. This is just my opinion though, don't hate me! lol
    I think 40's style shorts are SO cute, but I will never be secure enough to wear them, unless they are a little long. Same goes for 40s/50s bathing suit styles. They are super cute, but I'll need a skirt or playsuit type thing to go with it.
    I'm sure you knew most of this already, Holly! lol


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